Google doing popup ads?

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why is Google advertising popup ads?

Strange huh? especially since they find them annoying


dynamic adsense titles?

dynamic adsense titles? triggered by "ads"

Okay...I was bored. It's not

Okay...I was bored. It's not really adwords in strictest terms but it amused me to complain:

Dear Sirs,

I would like to point out an advert which is in breach of your guidelines. This advert can be found by running a query for "popup Ads". Your editorial Guidelines are here:

Your guidelines are broken into two sections:

* Clearly and accurately describe your site.
* Emphasise the unique benefits of your product or service.

The advert I'm referring to clearly violates the second as the company in question does not sell popup ads, yet it proclaims to sell enhanced ones in the Ad title. Thus the Ad also violates the following editorial guidelines:

1. Your ad text and keywords must directly relate to the content on the landing page for your ad.
2. Use specific keywords that accurately reflect your site. (the add is targetting [popup] as the query [ads] does not show the advert in question. Once again the site in question does not provide popups.
3. The word "Enhanced" is used in the ad as a superlative. Superlatives violate your guidelines.

May I ask that you review the advert in question, it links to .

I agree. It appears to be a

I agree. It appears to be a bad ad purchase. There is absolutely nothing on the adsense page that says anything about pop up ads. \it doesn't make any sense.

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