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Alan Meckler the CEO of JupiterMedia recently had a fit over the sale of Alan alleges that he was the reason LightMedia was a success, and after a heated debate in the comments, has now nuked the thread.

In Alan's blog he alleges:

I gave them hours of my time and coached them on how to launch LightReading.Com --- in turn these two gentlemen made a deal with me and our then VC operation -- we would obtain a 15% interest in the "idea" for $500,000. We shook hands. We met several times. Then these two shafted us and walked out on the deal.

Afterwards there was a hailstorm of comments and back and forth between him and allegedly the LightMedia guys in his blog. Most of the comments from my recollection were not glowing for Alan. He even made a whole post defending himself.

Today while doing my daily reading I noticed he had his comments off, which I think is unfortunate since it place of occasionally great discussions.


Have you got some links to

Have you got some links to the posts WP?

I remember this, but wasn't it a while back now? Is the point that he just turned all his comments off?


If you click the link where he alleges it you go straight to his blog. Unfortunately his blog is weird, you can't link straight to a post in it.

Alans blog

Look at "LightReading.Com Is Sold To CMP Media"
and "More On Light Reading" for the entries that were relevant.

No google cache for the comments unfortunatly

hehe, try clicking the dates

hehe, try clicking the dates :)

Yeah the point it that he..

..killed the comments. There was a all sorts of nastiness in there. People questioning his ability to lead, the LightMedia people said he was full of BS and had a case of sourgrapes. Since he is a long time blogger I was suprised he would turn the comments off, certainly he should have expected it.

Light Media?

I think there's an error in the OP. Isn't it and Light Reading, Inc? (not

DOH !!

Your right sorry

Hey look.

Alan posted why he turn them off

He cited spam, that sucks :(

I am glad he dropped us a line though.

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