IIS 7.0 Follows Apache, Goes Modular

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IIS 7.0 Learns a Few Tricks from Apache
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Clearly fed up with the "poor relative" reputation that's dogged IIS for years, MS's Bob Muglia has revealed that the often ridiculed Microsoft file server will follow apache by announcing a new modular architecture for version 7 according to BetaNews.

"We've learned from Apache," acknowledged Bill Staples, product unit manager for IIS. Version 7.0 takes the IIS feature set and breaks it down into individual components, or modules, that can be loaded on an as-needed basis. The result is a Web server with much less overhead.

Modules can also be swapped on the fly. Staples provided a live demo of changing the standard directory listing into a flashy gallery by simply replacing a single module and refreshing the Web page

Wonder if they'll fix any of it's other shortcomings?


what shortcomings?

We've learned from Apache


iis5 is golden.

iis6 included the process recycling which was meant to hide developer code flaws, not iis problems. this was a bandaid to those who could not/would not fix their friggin' code.

iis has *always* had modularity, they are called isapi filters and extensions.

iis is a great server, you just have to know it inside out.

Apache is a great server.

Apache is a great server. You just have to install it and it goes.

(not strictly true, but you don't have to know it "inside out" to make it bloody brilliant :))

I love Apache but the beauty

I love Apache but the beauty is due to its longevity. Apache server is still A Patchy Server but a patchy server isn't a bad thing.

IIS is a patchy server too it just hasn't got the years or community modifications behind it that Apache has. Oh and it only runs on Windows, that doesn't help either for stability :)


how does 495+ days uptime sound?

on a 10 year old server?

Spot On Plumsauce

I have found that most hosts don't have a clue about Windows server. When I find one that does I stick with them for a long time.

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