The .Cat's Out of the Bag

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ICANN approves the .cat (Catalan) domain. What’s next?
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Marina Zaliznyak reports on a small storm brewing over the fact that ICANN have approved the .cat tld for catalonian websites. The Tld represents the web's first cultural and linguistic definition, and is causing some bad blood amongst similar Spanish regions.

While this news seems like giant leap forward for the web’s multicultural makeup, there is of course, an interesting twist. Internationalized domains are stirring up a heated debate. There are other regions in Spain that speak their own languages, other than Spanish, take Euskadi (Basque Country) or Gallego (Galicia) for instance.


what next?

.leek for Wales?

.leek? Surely you mean .baa?


Surely you mean .baa?

I thought .baa was already

I thought .baa was already reserved by the New Zealanders ;)


British Airways will sue them.

so I wonder if Branson will get approval for .virgin?

Good point Gurtie, .virgin

Good point Gurtie, .virgin would be neat :)

What about the UK language and cultural sections of society?


What about sexual sections?




and one just for Richard....

I think ICANN just stepped

I think ICANN just stepped in a hornet's nest. OTOH, .perv could be a good domian, hehe.

.cat for Catalonians? Oh, my

.cat for Catalonians?

Oh, my - I can se a lot of pre-interest in .basque

I noticed that Yahoo...

...has a Catalan version as shown on which is odd. Of course they have new regional versions now that don't show up on the list, but apparently they also felt - early on - a Catalan cat was needed.

Either that or there's a powerful group of lobbyists active in the Barcelona region :-D

In spain, its a BIG deal if

In spain, its a BIG deal if you're catalonian - or basque - my basque friend actually gets red in the face if you suggest he might be "spanish"...

slippery slope

it is opening things up though isn't it - could they realistically now refuse .scot? what're they going to do about Cyprus? When Cornwall gets its own tld (.pixie ?) will it be exclusively for surfing and cream tea sites?

And then some:

(quite large) languages and cultural groups:

specific types of sites:

When Cornwall gets its own tld (.pixie ?)


Could have to send round the lads with the baseball bats to have a polite chat with you!

I heard

Can say from who I got the info but a lot of city specific tld's are in the works. Just three approved so far;

.gods for Nottingham
.scum for Derby
.twat for Leicester

Bolton were in line for one until it was pointed out they are only a town and not a city.

Thats what I heard anyway.

I understood that Nottingham forest could be found in..


rather than in anything more ethereal

Too many TLD's as it is!

Honestly, most people are completely unaware of all of the TLD's that are out there now. I never see websites with .biz, .name., .cc, et al.

The only good thing about the additional TLD's is it frustrates the domain speculators.

IMO , this is a very bad

IMO , this is a very bad precedent.

There are atleast 24 major indian languages and each have their own state and some of them are in the top 10 world languages... It will be a nightmare if they get their own tld's !


Incorrect my scrumpy swigging friend, div-one :)

They were going to give Nottingham .ecup at one stage, in honour of us winning the European Cup......Twice......Back to Back.

Of course that was way back... 1979/80 when most of us/you were still in diapers, footballers still wore long shorts and kicked brown leather balls and the www hadn't been invented yet (not really anyway). I don't think that counts hehehe.

I can think of better uses for the .ecup TLD (!)

.div-one !!

.div-one actually equals .div-three in the Alice in Wonderland world of soccer.

Division inflation, for non Brits, has meant that today what is actually the third division of English football calls itself "division one", the top two divisions being Premier and Championship.

Today NFFC are languishing at the bottom of this third division, and will in all probability be religated to the fourth division next year

Scrumpy is much more enjoyable than humble pie.

>>Scrumpy is much more

>>Scrumpy is much more enjoyable than humble pie.

Run for cover....

>>.twat for Leicester

>>.twat for Leicester

NFFC, Chantelle say's you obviously got Leicester and Nottingham's lines mixed up!

Also, could we apply for a .ath TLD for the PRA? Lots of nice 2 and letter domains for that.... I want de, wr, bre and she :)

New follow up on the cat, just out

Hi guys. Thanks for all your creative comments on the .cat news. I've just finished another story on it, for those of you who are interested in checking it out.

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