Heaven Spare us All - GoogleTV is Coming....

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Google TV?
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Oh god, say it's not so! ThatAdamGuy finds a job posting for GoogleTV - I'd swear they post these things just to throw folks off the scent of WIFI, Security and Privacy issues.

In this role, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution of projects that enable using Google's search and advertising technologies to enhance users’ Television viewing experience.

Maybe not such a tinfoil hat theory actually, Adam is known for his devout Googlism...


they already have a cozy relationship with Current TV

Google sponsers a show at the top and middle of every hour on this channel. It is basically their zeitgeist info.

What I find amazing is that

What I find amazing is that DaveN has already figured out how to sell Viagra on Google TV by spamming blog entries. How does he do that?

Don't shoot the messenger...

> Maybe not such a tinfoil hat theory actually, Adam is known for his devout Googlism...

I'm honored with the link, but sheesh, don't shoot the messenger!

Also, it's clear you're not reading my blog enough ;). Among the previous Google entries:

- Google's moving in the wrong direction: It's the message, not the medium
- A review of Google Talk: Not yet revolutionary or compelling
- Google can't count -- here's proof!
- When smart companies do dumb things
- Why I've given up on Orkut.com
- Once again, the battle against spam results in high collateral damage
- Google classifies sex abuse as Entertainment

Passionate about Google? Sure. Living nearby, working practically next door, doing AdWords consulting, and socializing with Googlers frequently can tend to create some strong interest!

But my GoogleBlatherings comprise less than 7% of my blog content, and if my support of the company is "devout," I have a local priest to sell you... :P

>> it's clear you're not

>> it's clear you're not reading my blog enough

Did you change rss url in recent months? Im pretty certain your on my rss but have not seen a post in a loooong time?

could apply for it

That's odd - probably the only job at Google I've ever seen that could be a job for me as I've worked with television as well as telco's and internet. Even with these exact issues. Actually it looks suspiciously like they've seen my CV, which I'm certain they haven't.

Uhm... It's in California. It's pretty far away from here, but that's not really a major obstacle. And, it's at Google - I'm not really sure how I feel about that - not sure I've even got an opinion. They've got some clever people employed, though, I like that. Last, it's a job - being self employed it's got to be a dang good one, as just by being a job it loses attractiveness. Sounds very interesting though.

And how about job security? Normally I wouldn't give a damn about that, but if I have to relocate to another part of the world... With the Google burn rate how long will "my newly created department" be around? Is it last in, first out? Oh, and if I think that Google does something the wrong way, is it even allowed to say so? LOL I could disagree with GG and you guys+girls would never get to know about it :-)

Gotta think about it for a while, and while I do so, somebody else sends their resume.

Hey Nick, I just thought you didn't love me anymore

I assumed I had appropriately forwarded/redirected all my blog feeds, but perhaps not. Sorry 'bout that!

FULL FEED: http://feeds.feedburner.com/bladam-full
PARTIAL FEED: http://feeds.feedburner.com/bladam-summary

Hopefully soon I'll have separate RSS feeds for each topic I write about (including Google), so you won't have to slog through the other 93% of my commentary on consumer issues, dance, healthy eating, etc. No cat entries, though.

(If you have a minute, btw, I'd be very grateful if you'd drop me an e-mail with info on what you had listed for my feed, so I can ensure that I appropriately add it to my redirect list. Thanks!)

Thanks Adam

Thanks Adam

Job posting has gone AWOL

Job posting has gone AWOL now


They probably didn't need to have it posted for longer. I guess that was enough to get a few good resumes to work with. Plus, I'm not sure they want a lot of talk about this.

Yahoo TV

Anybody caught the news on Yahoo! TV?

I don't remember where I saw it, or even what it was, but it was today or yesterday, somewhere....

Yahoo TV

You mean this?

TERRY SEMEL, the chief executive of Yahoo!, said yesterday that he wanted to develop a global internet television network, and invited British broadcasters to provide programmes that his company could distribute.

The American wants to start commissioning his own programming, and work with broadcasters in unlocking their archives as part of a strategy to be “not a product company but a major distribution platform”.


Sounds interesting - Yahoo!

Sounds interesting - Yahoo! already have agreements with carriers in the US - perhaps Yahoo! sees itself more as a distirbution platform in the long-run...

Good article in the NYT on

Good article in the NYT on Yahoo TV

Formats and rights

(Thanks NFFC, that was it :-)

Formats and rights ... and deals, but foremost formats and rights, as the deals follow the formats and the rights. That's what TV is all about.

The American wants to start commissioning his own programming, and work with broadcasters in unlocking their archives

Now, that's so "new media". Old media don't want to unlock anything. It's all about rights, and making sure you can recycle your products yourself, and get the best deals. If everyone get access to your product, like on the internet, it will be Pee-to-Pee'ed all over the place, and the value of that product will decrease or disappear before you can say "internet broadcast".

Plus, it's not like you just add another distribution channel. Of course there's a "need" for something more efficient and cheaper, and it's getting easier to do it each day, but as long as that need is there somebody is making very good money on the existing way of doing things - and guess who those "somebody"s are?

The exact same guys that you have to convince if you want to do something else. The ones with the formats and the rights, that's who.

But anyway, I wish Yahoo as well as Google, and whoever-else the best of luck. Being pretty large companies they're able to buy something to get them started, but they'll need to keep it up until customers start coming and they get back in the black. Getting a lot of customers requires popular stuff, and if you want the hot stuff TV is extremely expensive.

Then again, there are some things you can "just do", but that's not really television, is it? So, for the moment I'll just keep my mouth shut and wonder why even Microsoft never got any longer than this - I mean... Well, nevermind.

Google TV Googleblogged

Well, sort of...

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