WebmasterRadio Comes to Europe - Monday Oct 10th

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On Monday October 10th at 8am GMT you'll be able to catch Mikkel deMib Svendsen and Dave Naylor on WebmasterRadio.fm at 8pm UK time, 9pm central europe doing the inaugural show for WebmasterRadio Europe.

The show will be called "Strike Point". Im not sure if that's weekly or daily, but i expect Mikkel can clarify that when he sees this.

Good luck guys!


Ah...they are going to

Ah...they are going to Copenhagen?

Will really look forward to that...Mikkel sure is a person worth listening to.

Mikkel: Since you probably will read this, might be an idea to talk about the coming search engine wars heere in Norway atm?



I think it's PM an evening show ;)


haha! I had wondered how

haha! I had wondered how mikkel had planned to get you out of bed at that time of the NIGHT :)

Good to see you coming to

Good to see you coming to the civilized part the of the world, DaveN!

Yes, it's PM - not that I am

Yes, it's PM - not that I am not up at 8 or 9 in the morning but I am not sure I would be any pleasure to listen to at that point (at least, thats what my wife says)

If you have any subjects you want us to bring up please drop me an email at

or bring it on in the chat at the show time.

Allthough a lot of what we will be talking about have a global appeal we will also like to dedicate some of the time for European focused issues - for European SEOs as well as SEOs outside of Europe that want to understand the market here better.

One thing is for sure - it will be fun! It will be crazy and it will hopefully bring some new and interesting things to the table for anyone interested.

I'll be looking forward to see you all in there for the premiere :)

I look forward to

downloading the podcast on Tuesday!

I suppose we should make it interesting Dangerous Dave and Mad Mikkel by introducing a challenge.

Can they get the following into the conversation

”blow it but beware”
“careful those don’t dry”

Have a good one boys ;)

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