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SEMPO Announces Board of Director Nominations
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Looks like the kids playing office are clowning around again... apparently they're board with setting up committees' to oversee such important SEO/SEM matters as:

  • Overseeing who cleans the toilet
  • Who's turn it is to buy the bisuits
  • How best to f*ck up a an essentially good idea..

and are now about to try to hold a member election of a new board of directors.


Harsh Nick, harsh

I forgot - why don't we like these guys?

I'm guessing you're not looki

I'm guessing you're not looking to be nominated, eh Nick? :D


I think we don't like them because they pay themselves large salaries to do nothing.

They advertised on that's something - lol

The whole point was (from memory) to spread awareness to people who are NOT using SEM / SEO.

Advertising on - seems like preaching to the choir, imho - if you're reading clickz, and you don't know about search, you'll soon enough learn more than you'll ever implement.

Finding - and reaching - traditional marketer's who's budgets have not moved online yet is far more compelling for their org, and closer to the way that their sales pitch for cash from SEM firms worked.

However, they've not delivered, and siphoned off money personally - wrongly, without telling members until months later.

Off the top of my head, that's a few of the reasons "we" don't like them - however, feel free to feel good about them, as you wish. I'm not against having a special club for the "exchalted luminaries" of SEM - it just feels 'icky' when they form a club & then try to tax me for it.

Ack - one last one - they were also, until Marcia @ SEW forums roasted them about it in a sugar sweet post - siphoning off the pagerank accumulated through the site & only passing it to circle members (the ones that paid the most...). Circle membership ($5k value & free link pop boost) was also given away to the founding fathers (lol) just for being the starting members of the secret club.

There - I feel better :)


As well as all that jeremy has said, my personal problem with DUMPO is the fact that they clearly feel that they are above the rest of us. They do not communicate with interested parties and will not deign to join in any discussion on any board. The boards are our media, yet they refuse to lower themselves to talk to the "peasents".

Check out some of the threads in the orgs section of SEW - they've made themselves a laughing stock and that reflects on all of us.

Also, im sure im not the only one that thinks that SE reps should not be included in the decision making process of an SEM/SEO org....

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