Yahoo Testing Tools: Buzz Index & Search Share

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Yahoo! Testing New Branding Metrics for Search
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ClickZ is reporting that 10-15 of Yahoo's top advertisers are being offered two new tools. According to the report this is something that could be coming down the pipeline for more in a couple months.

The company has been quietly beta testing two new tools with 10 to 15 of Yahoo!'s top advertisers and agencies for the past two months.

Buzz Index

Buzz Index -- not to be confused with the company's existing consumer-facing tool of the same name -- is a keyword discovery tool with attached demographic data

Why would that be confusing? er, same name?

Search Share of Voice

Search Share of Voice is a metric analogous to the traditional marketing measurement.

What does that mean?

When Will We See It

The tools are expected to be ready to be offered to a broader base of advertisers in the coming months.

Its clear there is room for improvement from all search engines in regards to marketing research, but do you see a pressing need for demographics based on the nature of search?

My biggest interests regarding keyword research are related to increased sample size, improved accuracy (false data) & historical data. What's on the top of your list?


...keyword discovery tool

...keyword discovery tool with attached demographic data...

That sounds rather impressive.

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