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How is C-Index Used?
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For seo's with far too much time on their hands, cre8asite forums have been running a thread on C-Indices (co-occurance) for a week or two now that makes the concept halfway understandable.

C-Index (co-occurence index) is the likelihood that terms will appear together. For instance, if I say "Opera," many of you would think "browser," or Norton --> antivirus, and that fact is reflected in natural word choices of web site authors, thus helping SEs create logical content clusters, which are (as I understand it) related to how search engines rate relevance.

Later on in the thread, resident Search looney Orion provides some more technical, but again, halfway understandable, explanation of the terms and concepts involved. Well done that man!

I've got a nosebleed again...


Stop pushing your nose into

Stop pushing your nose into the screen, Nick!


Don't say this to anyone, but... well, if everyone really does some deep research into this, they will discover, eg. that, say, "fish" goes with "chips". Then everybody will start serving their fish with chips. That means that competition for fish with chips will increase.

So, if a lot of people start to determine co-occurrence and do stuff like that, we will see more competition on the keyphrases that are already fairly competitive. Also known as "the lemming effect".

So, calculate all the C-Indices you like, I'll tell my clients to sell Sushi while you all compete head to head on low margin chips *lol*

Just can't help taking digs

Just can't help taking digs at these folks, can you Nick?


Nick cracks me up... I love his no-nonsense style, keep it coming!

Man those pictures in the

Man those pictures in the profiles remind me of the film deliverance, apart from Rand who looks like their lawyer.

hey, you've gotta have a

hey, you've gotta have a weird avatar at cre8, it's kind of the done thing :) see mine

the art of seo

This is an area I still consider an "art". I calculated a few "C index" values since last year (when I think it was first discussed). It always leads me away from where my own visual analysis takes me. A visual scan of the SERPs plus some of the set visualization tools lead me to word pairs that are more effective than reflected by C values.

Well, co-occurence is just a

Well, co-occurence is just a method of finding how semantically related words are based on one measure. I'm a semantic genius because I understand the relationship between thousands of words better than a C Index does. Only downside to that is everyone else is a semantic genius too. :) It's a compromise so it's useful for automating and research on a mass scale. Practical application to SEO is close to nill, I'm not sure why it gets so much attention.

Just one question: Why is it

Just one question: Why is it that these "C-indice geeks" never seems to rank for anything? The majority of great rankings I see around comes from brute force scrapers and spammers in general :)

Sorry, maybe I am just to focused on making money. I admit it, I like that more than calculation (anything) :)

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