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There are pictures of Firefox already ported to the PSP on this site. I know when the PSP came out there were a lot of people itching to get their hands on it. Now the pictures are hhhmmmm not the best and I especially find the Firefox screen on the second one a bit grainy compared to the surrounding area.

This is very obviously alpha software, and I’m not sure if my friend just got ahold of an older version of Firefox PSP, or if this represents the current state the project is at. However, Firefox PSP seems to read things directly from the main PSP WI-FI, and even WI-FI is turned off, Firefox PSP can run offline. We were able to visit many websites such as Mozilla and Google but since the rendering engine isn’t complete, some page got rendered REALLY wrong.

I am not totally 100% this is real, anyone else willing to chip in?


Check out the technorati

Check out the technorati tags on the end of the post. Then look at the top border of the second pic. The person using photoshop or paint shop pro must have had a shaky hand :)

>>technorati tags oh god,

>>technorati tags

oh god, how could we have missed it! hehe..

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