Boom Time for Online UK Advertising

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UK online ads 'set to top £1bn'
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The BBC, among other places, are reporting that UK ad spend will likely top £1bn this year, having already seen a 6% growth in the first half of 2005.

Revenues from online adverts rose 62%, on a like-for-like basis, to £490m in the first half of 2005, outstripping growth in overall advertising of 3%.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) said UK online ad values could surpass £1bn in 2005, driven by take-up of broadband internet connections.


They had an interesting

They had an interesting quote in the Independent this morning:

Greg Grimmer, the managing director of Z, one of the largest buyers of online advertising in the UK and part of the Publicis media group, attributed the increased online spending to "the rise and rise of Google" and other search specialists. He said Z was allocating 35 per cent of its online advertising spend to search-related sites, compared with 5 per cent two years ago.

My emphasis...

40% up in Norway.

40% up in Norway.

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