Firefox users not welcome at eComXpo

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I got one of those free exibit hall passes (I think that was what they called it) for eComXpo and today I got an email saying "We noticed that you register using the Firefox Computer. Please note that access to the eComXpo show requires the use of a Windows PC and Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher.". And sure enough I checked their site and around the bottom of this page: it also says

"eComXpo requires that you have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher".

Oh well, I guess Mac and Linux users aren't invited. I thought the whole idea sounded pretty lame last year, but this time it sounded better and I thought I'd give it a chance, but I guess not.

(I'm not a great writer by any definition - but what's the deal with the grammar in that first sentence: "We noticed that you register using the Firefox Computer.")


Is that now?

Oh, I already forgot about that one... is that now?

I'm a FF user as well, but I see they've at least made their site usable for non-flash users. They forgot to add the dates though, at least I can't see any.

Uhm.. I don't remember my login or password and I'm sure I didn't give them a valid email.

Ah, I see: October 6-8 - it was written in the ad banner, of all places... Last place anyone will look, I looked at several pages before noticing *lol*

Found my login/pw as well - and I definitely intend to visit using Firefox.

Linkshare developed some

Linkshare developed some whole reporting package that isn't compatible with firefox, things like this make me scratch my head and wonder what are they thinking.

Branded Firefox?

"We noticed that you register using the Firefox Computer."

Wow! We are now "Branded" by the browser we use. It is nice to know we have grown beyond labeling people MAC or PC. This leads to the question what will be the evolution of "Republican" or "Democrat"?

Fair's fair

If Google can have an office, then Firefox can have a computer. Fair's fair.

Yep Nix the FF

Their Xpo software does not like FF. I had the same problem last year. Hoped they would change it this year, but it only works with IE.

same message

I got the same message via email today. Nice way of promoting yourself :-)


I'm planning to visit from a clean PC with M$IE

Then I'll through that machine off a cliff.


Nah... I'll meet you all in the bar.

>Nah... I'll meet you all in

>Nah... I'll meet you all in the bar.

Experience says that the conference might be cheaper.

Firefox problem fixed?

They let me in with my Firefox without saying a word... Might be the hell people raised here that caused them to fix their problem? ;-)


>>Experience says that the conference might be cheaper.

nah - just be the 3rd or 4th guy in - by then someone usually has a tab running :P

Just like a good Scotsman

>>nah - just be the 3rd or 4th guy in - by then someone usually has a tab running :P

Got a message that it's OPEN

Got a message that it's open and spinned around dor 15 minutes - nice concept but I'll have to give it a second look at the weekend in order to determine how good is it.

Having only IE wouldn't be a problem

if everyone used Windows. But, there are many Linux users out there who'd like to attend. I can't believe that eComExpo is so small minded to only cater to one browser.

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