Yahoo! Public Enemy #1 for Big Media

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Is Yahoo public enemy No. 1 for Big Media?
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Mark Glaser takes a look at the very real threat Yahoo! poses to mainstream media (MSM) in Is Yahoo public enemy No. 1 for Big Media? Terry Semel and Lloyd Braun are well entrenched in Santa Monica, and the (old) big boys are having a few sleepless nights no doubt.

company; it has designs on doing original news and entertainment content tailored specifically for the Web; and it's time for old-line media companies to think hard about how they're going to compete. News Corp. and Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp have already showed their hands, rolling up all the Internet content they can buy. But the MSM is caught between a rock and hard place, because dozens of news outlets have licensed content to Yahoo News and rely on Yahoo and Google to do their online search, paid-search advertisements, and contextual ads.

As an "interested observer", it's an exciting time to be following the evolvement of internet and content right now. I don't doubt for a minute that Yahoo! can pull off their grand plans for original content, nor that Google will follow them at some point, i just wonder how long it will take the old guard to do a U-Turn on old models....

the image comes from Diane Cook who's a professor at the CSE department of University of Texas


Yahoo! Loses Media Exec to

Yahoo! Loses Media Exec to HBO

As Yahoo! steps up efforts to develop content and partner with other media players, the company has lost an executive responsible for relationships with entertainment companies. Jim Moloshok, who was Yahoo!'s senior VP of entertainment and content acquisition, has jumped ship for Time Warner's HBO.

eh? Diane works with some

eh? Diane works with some interesting stuff, including home automation which was one of the elements in my own Masters Thesis almost ten years ago, so thanks for the link :-) But, three links to her Uni in a post about media?


Anyway, this is an area that I've been following closely for several years (media, not home automation - well, that as well, but... nevermind).

If you look at, say, newspapers (not the niche papers, but the general broadsheets) they're about to do the music industry thing. Less subscribers, less circulation, and still they don't "get" the internet thing that's eating their profits away.

Well, that's easy to say, because what would you do? The standard reaction seems to be providing access for paid subscribers only, closing the newspaper site (or, at least some portion thereof) down for the general public. And for search engines. At least the more radical ones do that. So, not only do their paper circulation decline, they also lose potential exposure through SERP traffic.

It's very very easy to point your finger at them and say that that's wrong. Because it is. Definitely so. But, just what's the right thing to do? I mean, they have costs and journalists to pay, they need income as well.

>> But, three links to her

>> But, three links to her Uni in a post about media?

I pinched her cartoon, without permission - im trying to be a good boy and give attribution for image snaffles :)

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