Just me, or does the new Tom's Hardware Guide "makeover" suck?

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Tom's Hardware Guide Hard News evolves into TG Daily
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Really, I think I accept change/evolution pretty well for a dinosaur ...but, eeeewwww, I feel like they fixed something that wasn't broke.



But rc, it's blog-a-licious.

nah... it DOES suck. I'd


it DOES suck. I'd like to be kind, but shit that's ugly - it's like a throwback to 1997, wher'es the spinning logo???

i don't think it's

i don't think it's blog-like, blog layout (cron post order, newest on top) works pretty well for hardware/software reviews --no, it's the '97 magazine-style that kills it for me. damn if i'm going to page through or use a TOC.

the three column with 2

the three column with 2 nav/ad columns on the right is big in the blog world now. Whats wierd is the hybrid liquid/fixed width. The top nav is full width liquid, but the rest of the page is fixed at some wierd resolution. You've got to go bigger than 1024 to see it all.


Ah, I see. I was just kidding, anyway.

Looks naff. I'm surprised

Looks naff. I'm surprised they didn't put some lens flares on that new logo ;)

$49 template website

Ah the classic drop shadow & gradient logo. "TH" rocking it old-school style?

This site looks ready to be put out to pasture. "Ma...Tom's pulled up lame - get me my gun."

I don't think I've visited

I don't think I've visited Tom's Hardware store before - but now I have, I'm reminded of Seth's words - "Where's the banana"?

Not the first time

For me, the last redesign of the main Tom's site was a step backwards in usability and clarity. The focus used to be on the latest articles, with appropriate teaser text for each one - ironically very much in the spirit of a blog. The current design has way too much crammed into it for my liking, and it's easy to miss new content.

Anandtech has the same mix of content but manages it a lot better. Both sites could use the services of a decent CSS guy (or gal) though.

Marshall says it best,

Marshall says it best, though perhaps in an way that's colloquially obscure to many here...

"Ma...Tom's pulled up lame - get me my gun."

(here RC opens his bookmarks) BLAM!!

I'll miss poor ol' Tom.

My mother always taught me

to refrain from relying on colour and movement. She's right. Eek.

Sooo ... why dont we pimp it?

How about we use this site as the first subject of a proper critique?

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