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Being a huge Buffy fan, (but hating Angel) im dead excited by Serenity, Joss Wheldon's new film. To find Slashdot telling me where to catch the to catch the first 9mins has made my morning :)

Wow, it looks like a KILLER movie!


It is good Nick I saw it

It is good Nick I saw it Monday. If you liked the TV series you will love the film. There is enough setup in the film that even those that have not seen the series will enjoy it. I think this will be the new movie franchise.


I was a bit concerned I wouldnt enjoy it so much seeing as I have never watched the series. Will probably go see it tomorrow in that case :O)

I've seen bits of the

I've seen bits of the series. Firefly right?

Thing is, in denmark, they have no concept of how a series is supposed to work, they show like half of it, then take 4wks out to show the womens fucking netball, then start out having missed 3 episodes....


Nah dude that's how the show

Nah dude that's how the show was originally aired. Firefly "died" because Fox showed the series at irregular intervals, with no advertising, and out of order! See the Wikipedia article.

No problem with danish tv on

No problem with danish tv on that one then. Thing is, i dont remember the exact circumstances - my example about the womens netball comes from desperate housewives, another series the danish tv nobs have fucked up royally..


I watched Firefly when it first aired on TV here in the US. I thought it was just OK - not bad and not great. I was having a hard time seeing what the fuss was about. But I found out that Fox TV aired the episodes completely out of order. So then I got the DVD set as a gift - the DVD's are in the order Joss Whedon intended them to be aired in (plus 3 unaired episodes) and in watching them in order all of a sudden the series really clicked - you could see the Joss Whedon patient building of a story-arc come through. I highly recommend the TV series on DVD.

Fox TV didn't know what they had.

What? You people watch TV?

What? You people watch TV?

I'm amazed whenever I discover that people I know online actually do that. And then soaps... well, if those were web sites they would probably be splogs. Really good splogs, but still splogs.

Seriously, I'd rather watch vids of robot fish swimming around - or read anything on the internet. Even if you would just post what you watched on "the tube" I'd rather read that, as then there would at least be some human touch to it :-)

But then, I've worked with TV so I should not be surprised, as I know all about it's drug-like qualities.

You know how accurately you can estimate viewership of any one program? I've done that; not just for individual programs, but the whole plan/timetable/schedule, and for around 20-30 different demographic target groups per week - it was extremely rare that deviations from estimates were above 5% or so. Scary, isn't it?

Added: I'm sorry, the above should not have sounded the way it does. I'm just surprised, that's all, but that's entirely my own "fault", as it's really me that's different in this respect.

Really, most people do watch TV. The share that don't is perhaps (wild guess) 1-2% or less for a normal developed TV-country. It might be a little higher now than ten years ago, but TV is still just a regular part of life for most people.

I'm sorry if it came out sounding disrespectful, it really wasn't intended that way. Even I watch some odd TV programme now and again, but that can be weeks and months apart. I like to watch a good DVD movie, though.

I like to watch a good DVD

I like to watch a good DVD movie, though.

Serenity will be out on DVD 20 december (US); probably later in Yerp. Catch the series already on DVD. You can pretend the pilot is a DVD movie, if that helps.

If you think about it, 'not watching any TV' is not a lot better than 'watching everything' - there's good and there's bad. the trick is to catch the good - Like the Joss Whedon shows; and if time is tight, give Angel a miss.

Firefly is on SciFi

If you're in the US and you have basic cable, Firefly is being run (in order, I think) on the SciFi channel on Fridays.

I've heard the film is more space opera than the space opera/horse opera hybrid that the show was, but I plan on catching it. Probably Wallace and Gromit first, though.

That Vividas things was pretty cool. Full-screen streaming at rather high quality. So how much spyware did it just sneak onto my pc?

What y'all said

I watched that 9 minute trailer, too. Damn! Smart marketing, seemingly cool movie. Why haven't more studios done this? (wait, wait, I know... if anyone actually had to sit through the first 9 minutes of most movies instead of seeing hand-picked snippets in a trailer, they'd run away screaming in horror)

As for the TV / no-TV thing... well, I used to watch TV (X-Files, Simpsons, random other stuff when I was younger), but now I pretty much don't watch any TV at all. There's no denying that there *ARE* quality programs on nowadays (heck, when I catch flashes of Simpsons that my roomie is watching, I STILL love that show!)... but it's just easier to quit cold-turkey and be addicted to stupid Internet sites instead :D

The opening is cool -

The opening is cool - definitely sold me. Good marketing use.

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