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Im not a fan of social networks, im just not social enough heh... but i've been messing around with LinkedIn this weekend, as i've a need to make a few aquaintences in certain areas, and i've been pleasently surprised! - It's actually rather good.

If any TW'ers want to connect - use '', and if you're a bit slow on the uptake like me, i'd recommend giving it a go :)


what did you like about it?

what did you like about it? You mean you actually meet new people there? how?

(I've been there for a year or so, can't really say I like anything about it, as the people I know there I know anyway, so none of us ever use it - but perhaps that's just me)

as i've a need to make a few

as i've a need to make a few aquaintences in certain areas

I think it's pretty much summed up in that sentence. I'm the same as you though Claus; for me it's just a handy way to keep contact details but if you view it as a tool then you see it in a different light.

My problem is with passing on network contacts from people I have never met/have no knowledge of. I guess that will always hold me back from being a true Linkedin 'networker' ;)

churned up new business

I've actually run into new business on LinkedIn before and it was a quality connection.

It's a Service

You mean you actually meet new people there?

It's a Service - with pros and cons,
Linkedin relies on your real life connections and THEIR connections,
When you overcome the embarrassment and do refer a connection who may supply a need or a service.
I find it an advantage. I know that the groups feature is helpful as well.
Bottom line - claus, I'll be more confident with someone YOU referred me to than someone I just found on other channel.

Linked In

I have been on it for a while. I have found it useful to link up with old friends, and help old friends link up with others, and help friends to find jobs.

I have also gotten a few indirect referals which is quite interested.

Recently, they have been sending me a list of potential job openings, the relavance is kidn of a hit and miss.

Just spent a little time on

Just spent a little time on it. Technically it's very nifty, I don't know how it compares to Orkut though, as I've never used that one.

One nice feature is the email integration - I just uploaded an address book and it matched against the database of users to show me how many were already on LinkedIn. Didn't contact all of them at once, though.

I'll just ditto claus'

I'll just ditto claus' experience and save the keystrokes. (Wasn't it a big deal after the 2004 Web2.0?) Anyway, I was in, thought it sucked, got out.

It's very neat and has a

It's very neat and has a 'six degrees of seperation' appeal to it.

Much cooler than orkut and without all of the ... err adult material, although I learned quite a bit from some of those areas on orkut. I know 2 people who have used it looking for a new job, one succsessful, one still looking.

I've actually found it useful

I've facilitated connections and (successfully) requested connections as well.

No pictures, little fluff. Lots of "quality" people on the network.

I think LinkedIn is doing a lot of things right. Whether they can stay afloat financially is a different issue.

a second look

It's a networking tool. Like all such "markets", the biggest users (the big networkers) benefit from the inclusion of all of the rest. Where's the break even?

Locked out

I can't seem to remember my email address (I know that's pretty dumb). Will connect when I get it sorted Nick.

I like the idea but didn't find much use for it - am wanting to take another peek. Actually I forgot I was a member till Shak reminded me the other week.


Had an account for a while but not done anything with it other than accept invites when people make them. Nothing seems to happen after that. The networking fans (zealots?) at Ecademy will tell you though you get out of networking what you put in so maybe its not the system to blame in my case :O)

Blame the system

> The networking fans (zealots?) at Ecademy will tell you
> though you get out of networking what you put in

Good point chrisgarrett. I guess it's just making the time to use it eh.

something icky?

I'm a huge natural networker (some people call it gossiping - I prefer my definition) but there's something about programs designed to help you network, local business breakfast meetings, 'women in business' lunches and walking up to people and saying "excuse me but would you be my mentor?" from which a part of me (I think the English part) recoils in absolute horror.

In-person events are similarly awkward

About three years ago, I wrote about the awkwardness of 'networking' events (either social or business or events that are both).

The people were reasonably interesting and genial and certainly far from unattractive desperados. However, the very fact that everyone was there for the sole purpose of meeting others in a, well, artificial environment struck me as both amusing and vaguely disconcerting.

SearchViews: 5 Questions

SearchViews: 5 Questions with LinkedIn's Robert Leathern

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the English part

Actually that's pretty Australian too Gurtie. I'm also known as a big mouth, erm I mean natural networker, but I keep clear of those things too. Much nicer when it happens naturally.

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