Ajax Search Engine Inqusitorx Launches ... Yawn

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Ajax Search Engine Inqusitorx Launches ... Yawn
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For those of you still in denial that we are firmly in bubble 2.0 here comes a new search engine Inquisitorx. As you start typing in your search terms it's busy flashing results across the screen trying to anticipate your next keystroke. Aside from the bloody distracting flickering on my screen, it's only giving you three results off the bat, if you want more you have to click through. Doesn't changing from a black screen on the home page to white screen on the interior pages violate some principle of web usability?


where are the 3 results from

the results are powered by google...

but - the preemptive results (the ajax thing) is not from google

Were is it from???
Doesn't look like yahoo or msn either?

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