Y!360 Gets Themes

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Yahoo 360 Kicks It Up...A Notch
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Yahoo's 360 has finally added some customization features to the mix by adding themes and a few other bits and pieces that can liven up your Y!Default look and feel.

You can now easily add themes. Just click "My Page," and near the top, above the blast, you'll see a "Change Theme " link. There are dozens of cool themes to choose from – everything from Hello Kitty to martinis. There’s bound to be one there that will suit your fancy, or mood. We'll be adding more themes in the future. Feel free to offer us suggestions as to what you’d like to see. We’d love to get your ideas.

It's a little late, and im still enjoying my wordpress blog more than i did 360, but better late than never i guess...


Completely different audience, different intent

Wordpress is designed (to oversimplify) for one-to-many communications. It's a blog tool, or, if you stretch it, a mini-CMS tool.

Y! 360 is a social network. It's like comparing TypePad to MySpace. Totally different tools, different audiences, different focuses.


They both cross over those boundaries in many respects. Wordpress for example is a community in and of itself - and 360 can be used as a pretty standard blog....

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