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I've seen this announcement bumping around for the past couple of days but not really been that interested, untill Robyn DeuPree posted it on the ASK blog anyway. ASK have added "hotkeys" to Bloglines, and as a linux user that prefers to do email and text editing without ever having to touch a mouse, i must say it's a welcome new feature. Thing is though ASK, i gave up with BL a little while back, 'cos it's just a bit shit now right? There've been problems with it for a little while, and it's horribly slow at peak times - if you can get that sorted, and update every 30mins i'd probably come back :)

If you're going for the power users, you gotta put a bit of power back in that app ok?


I was making posts to other

I was making posts to other blogs I run and it was taking them hours to find them. That combined with service outages during the time periods, which may be off peak hours for them, but are peak hours for me, made me give them the boot. The only feature I really miss is "keep as new". Sometimes I'll come across something I want to read later when there my kitchen table ... er office is much more quiet.

As you may have noticed my posting frequency here has picked as a direct result of using sage and getting things quicker. In the blog news biz if you're more than 30 minutes late, you're history not news.

Might I suggest adding a bloglines power users status. For $9.99 a month you can get all of the features of bloglines, with 10 minute priority updates.

Might I suggest adding a

Might I suggest adding a bloglines power users status. For $9.99 a month you can get all of the features of bloglines, with 10 minute priority updates

If they fixed outages also, I'd be back to bloglines in a SHOT!

i use bloglines now but am

i use bloglines now but am looking to switch for the same reasons noted above. can i ask what you guys recommend?

I personally love NewzCrawler

Newzcrawler is Windows software, but can sync between computers (e.g., work computer, home computer, etc.)

- Very, very powerful w/ lots of options
- 3 panes but with 'newspaper' option
- Great support (user forum, heavy programmer involvement)

- Is sometimes a bit too strict with feed interps
- Costs money ($25 I think)
- Sync isn't as automatic / easy as it should be

What I love about it in particular is that, particularly with busy feeds, I can read just a handful of random articles and it'll mark just those read... and I can come back and easily catch up on the others later. Try doing that efficiently with Bloglines or any other Web reader!

I must say I don't get the

I must say I don't get the problems with outages like you guys are suggesting. I use it for all my feed tracking, and though it may not be the fastest site ever with the quickest updates, it does me very well.

There was a time a little while ago when the Bloglines plumber seemed to keep appearing, but I've not seen that for a couple months at least now.

I've not seen a feed reader that compares in terms of being able to scan so many feeds so quickly, and run web based so it doesn't matter where I access it from.

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