Rand Fishkin Interview at E-Consultancy


Following the ranking factors paper, e-consultancy have interviewed Rand Fishkin


Grey text on a Grey background :-/

About Page:
Since 1999 E-consultancy has provided UK e-business professionals with access to information & advice on best practice online marketing and e-commerce.

HINT: It's totally pointless getting people to your site if they don't stay because they can't read a damn thing on the page! You advise me to put grey text on a grey background of a site selling merchandise and I'll be out of business in 2 weeks.

It really pisses me off when people proclaiming "best practice" do something so stupid yet claim to be in a position to advise others.

I'm sure its a great interview/article... I'll copy the text into a word processor so I can read the damn thing.

I had no problem reading the text

I don't recommend dark grey on light grey backgrounds, but it was legible enough for me. Your mileage may vary.

I enjoyed the article. Rand has some good things to say.

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