And once again, we're BACK!


What a truly horrendous experience! For those just joining us, we've had some dreadful issues with the database today and have been offline for hours. I've been amusing myself with posting to a generic html page, but even that wore thin after 3 or 4 hours heh..

We've moved servers now - to an account i had already, in fact, right back were we started from. I'd like to put this thing on a dedicated box, and will make some moves towards that in the coming weeks. Im reasonably sure even though this one is shared that it can take our minimal(ish) weight though :)

Some data was lost in the move, and the DNS has definately not settled down completely yet, but it was nothing special, just the last post and comments on the situation and maybe one or two comments on other things.

I do know that may be important to one or two members, and I don't take it lightly, my piont it just that it could have been a fuck sight worse :)

Added: How rude! I forgot to thank our kind host for the last year, Brian of Platinax. The situation was well beyond his control today, and he's been a great friend to TW, it's appreciated.


Glad you're back

Larry and Sergey were asking me what was up.

Okay, they weren't, but a different Googler was talking to me about it. :)

Tabke been down all day too.

Tabke been down all day too. Weird

Yeah Nick you tightass.

Yeah Nick you tightass. Taking a freebee for a alexa top 10,000 site. Get it on a dedicated machine for sure, you will not regret it.

Dedicated machine

Shout out for dedicated machine and first post from Matt, is there something you are not telling us? This the way rumours start you know?

wmw is sort of back up


It's ironic that Nick and I spoke this morning about how Threadwatch should consider moving to a new host soon, as I'm planning on moving hosting resources from the US to the UK, and Threadwatch really could do with a more scalable hosting solution.

It was a almost a year ago that Nick asked for a safe place to host, after running into conflict with Doug Heil - I had spare resources on a new US server, and was happy to help - but it was only ever intended as a simple favour (that's why my actual commerce site isn't listed in the credits).

Threadwatch has obviously become a more serious high-profile site since then, and really needs a more advanced hosting solution - so that when things go wrong, there is more room to manoeuvre to keep Threadwatch up and running.

Frankly, I'm embarrassed that events pushed the decision as it has, but I'm sure that Threadwatch will be stronger for it in the long term.

It's been great to have been a part the beginning of Threadwatch, and even though we breezed through Slashdottings, it's not really acceptable that Threadwatch can be stopped by problems with a single MySQL install.

For all the good times so far, it's been good to be there - for when the SQL hit the fan, my sincere apologies to all.

Onwards and upwards.

You have to wonder why Tabke

You have to wonder why Tabke would put it on Why bother?

wmw is on a box in the

wmw is on a box in the blacked out Chicago area while sew is not so rather than monkeying with dns for temporary solution it's easier to move a backup of the site


According to Barry some folks think wmw and tw were down due to the google update - gotta love it eh?

International SEO Fresh Air Day

In a concerted effort to raise the health status of SEOers the world over 19th October has been put forward as international SEO Fresh Air Day.

Although rumours of spam being crushed the truth is that the secret meeting between representatives from Threadwatch, Search Engine Watch and Webmaster World all agreed to synchronise their web sites' down time to allow search marketers the world over to remove themselves from behind their desks and get some fresh air.

It is anticipated that the combined western economies will drop by 2 percentage points today but the long term financial gain from better health will easily recoup this within 3 months of a combined and concerted effort of marketers the world over.

Hallmark sponsored this event and apologised for no cards being available in the shops, although have guaranteed they will have an SEO day, SEM day, WH day and Spammer day cards available before the end of the next fiscal year.

fresh air?

you must not have TiVo mate

Too funny :)

Good story Jason heh..

Ok, need some tech advice please folks.

I had a CNAME entry for to point to at the last host, and have entered the same, (correctly, using a form :) at the new host.

It's still landing on the "moving message" back at the old server though - Is this just a propagation thing, or do i need to remove the CNAME from the old host?

see here:


I think it'll be propagation - the dns needs to be pointing to the right server before the cname can have an effect so removing the old cname would probably only take down that holding page on the old server.

But I don't really deal with that side of things so if a techy reckons I'm wrong I won't be offended :)

That makes sense to me

That makes sense to me Gurtie, cheers.

Im knackered. Having a site go down is rather stressing heh..

see you all tomorrow - don't break anything :)


I was kinda of enjoying TW V2! Time to think ;)

SEO fresh air break, nahhh just Brian stopping pedalling. It make you appreciate things when it all grinds to a halt.

Nice one Brian

SEO Fresh Air Day

JasonD, too funny - I celebrated with a margarita, hehe. Hmm, there are no greeting cards for the likes of us, are there?

Glad you're back Nick. You were missed. TW withdrawal is rough.


In more interesting news today...

The Houston Astros won the League Championship game.

Now the SEOmoz server is

Now the SEOmoz server is down - today must be cursed...

I think it was a ploy by

I think it was a ploy by Matt Cutts to get more visitors to his blog... he has secret powers you know :P

In my opinion, your problem

In my opinion, your problem is that you run cPanel on this box :-) I would never consider cPanel for any important project - you'd get a lower TCO by renting one of your mate's Unix guys to sort you out with a proper dedicated system.

Welcome back

That oldschool blog you had running in the first few hours was great ;-)

- lo-fi, just the way I like it *lol*

>>I've been amusing myself

>>I've been amusing myself with posting to a generic html page,

I smiled at that, Look Nick is still posting away on an html page... I liked the never say die attitude (and the animated .gif). :)

JAGGER Meister

Glad you are back Nick. I was having major withdrawals. TW just now finally came back for me here in SoCal.

Between you being gone, WMW down and Google dropping my site - I wanted to drown my sorrow in JAGGER Meister last nite. (Just had to throw that in since Matt's here.) It's been a rough week, huh Nick. It can only get better from here, right?

WMW hosting..

BT is having a debate about hosting options for WMW at his temporary home

Post #23 indicates that a decision has been make and data is being transferred.

WMW will be down for some time yet

It's Rackspace

... who are passionate about ... big bills. Have just started using them for something new, and they are impressive, service wise. But boy, they are expensive.
Pair, for 2 sites this week, have been passionate about ... crap MySQL servers.

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