[adv] $479 Worth of Free SEO Software for Best Review


The team at WebCEO, who make software to automate many of the tasks SEO's need to perform on a daily basis, are pleased to give away one full license for their WebCEO software in exchange for the best review of the product.

Threadwatch members can download WebCEO here, test it, and report back in this thread. The most constructive review, to be chosen by Nick W, will get the full license, for free, forever.

What to include?
Your thoughts on such things, good and bad, as..

  • Overall usefulness / functionality
  • Suggestions for improvements
  • Bad points and points to be improved upon

would all be welcome.

If you have questions, the WebCEO team will be monitoring this thread and will respond as quickly as possible.


Bumpety bump

Thanks webceo - as usual, feel free to speak you minds on this, the TW crowd is not an easy one, but the feedback is generally spot on :)

Quick Question

Where does the keyword data come from ?


time limit? Tough to spend the time drafting a useful review...

Good point, the ad is

Good point, the ad is running for one month - so there it is, one month from today :)

I love this

Nick W, I luuuuv the way you advertise - I actually get relevant products in front of me in an informative and non-intrusive fashion.

I always look at the products you're advertising. In this case I've downloaded a copy and will have a look. Not sure if I'll write a review - but certainly they got me to take a look at their software (and surely, that's what they're trying to accomplish here).

Two thumbs up on the way you do this.

Submit your URLs to search engines

"Submit your URLs to search engines"

this makes me think the tool is for newbie SEOs. Which I assume it is not.

Thanks for interest in Web CEO

Hello to everybody, my name is Edgar Susoev and I'm manager at Web CEO. I will be very glad to answer all your questions up here.

2 webprofessor,
Web CEO collects queries from several search engines that provide live searches data (including Metacrawler.com, Kanoodle, MetaEureka.com, Galaxy.com, Dogpile.com and others, in fact, altogether from 37 meta and regional search engines). Then we have formulas and algorithms that allow us to predict Daily Searches around the world.
2 GerBot,
I would not say that Web CEO is for newbies mainly. Web CEO is built upon a holistic approach to SEO - and so has expert tools for every step of web marketing. From optimizing pages and editing them in our HTML editor, to checking rankings and performing visitor intelligence - it is far more than just a submission tool. :)

2 John Andrews,
As Nick said, we have set up discussion for one month :)

Anybody own to using it already..

..and if so whats your view of it?

I have been using it for

I have been using it for over a year, but mostly for the ranking checker. They even add my Norwegian search engines, so I am quite happy about them. All historical ranking data are stored in the database.

Following on from what Wheel said ...

... I'd also like to big-up (blame Gurtie) your tack on selected advertisers - it works. I'm off to spend $389 on this; somewhat surprised to have not come across it before, but, there you go, I hadn't, and it's down to your careful product placement that I'm now buying it.

To be frank, many of the features look like so-much eye candy, but the tracking stuff looks top class, at least from our test-drive this morning, and that's what I'm interested in.

Again, not sparing your blushes, this quality-controlled approach to featuring commercial services and products seems, to me, to be a good approach/compromise for dealing with the advertisers beating at your door.

OK guys, I have tried it, and NO I wouldn't use it..

...I have put up a full review here . If you cannot manage to wade through the whole review, here is a summary of why I would not buy Web CEO

1. I thought they were offering a full product at TW, but it is only the "free trial edition" offered to anyone. That is this product that I am basing my review on, which is what they wanted. Quite honestly its daft to feed me a stunted product for review, but that was their decision.

2. I started out, being a sucker for new toys, with the assumption that I would buy Web CEO. It had been in my bookmarks for months to try, and this prompted me to try it. To that extent the advert at TW worked.

3. Having seen what Web CEO does, and does not do, I would not buy it. I have been back to re-evaluate it against Web Position Gold and decided that WPG is a better tool (for me anyway).

5. I believe I have given a fair review - certainly I have no vested interest, and I did try all parts of the suite. Nobody has paid me, knobbled me, nor am I earning affiliate dosh from it. No wonder Nick is a rich man!

6. Web CEO's "training and certification" I would ignore, and their HitLens traffic monitoring tool and Web Downtime monitor are not part of the cost package. What is left is the optimisation tool (clunky, I would not use it, WPG is much better), Submission tool (good, but not outstanding), ranking, keywords and links tools (varying in scope and use), site maintenance tools (Dreamweaver does enough for me).

7. I thought they were selling what it said on the box, but dear me no. If you want to buy what it says on the box, Pro Web CEO version at $389 , plus traffic monitoring at say $600 a year (100,000 visits a month) and server monitoring at $650 a year (for 5 minute checks). At around $1650 (or $1750 if you want the full training course) it starts to look a bit too pricey for me, for what it does.

8. I think most readers here if they were idle users of SEO software suites like me would be better off with Web Position Gold. And if they were more pro-active would use a mix of specialist tools like Wordtracker, OptiLink, etc. The real geeks write their own.

So it's thumbs down from me, I would not use it. I have been kinder perhaps than I might have been on futher reflection with this review. And maybe I can goad an aficionado of Web CEO to write a review in its defence.

Interesting take

Personally, I find Web CEO, much more useful than this. Admittedly I do use a range of tools, but Web CEO is great for checking all these other tools. What I do is use the plethora of free online tools and then cross-check them with Web CEO. A good and cost effective answer IMHO and it is great to always have a second opinion, this big suite of usefullness usually tells me if something else is lying to me.

As to HitLens, their traffic thingie, I do use it and at least it works much better than Google analytics at the moment!

Kind Regards


The rank checker is a big

The rank checker is a big load for my machine, but other than that I think it is great...aspecially if your not only looking for rankings from the top 3.

They have added all Norwegian search engines I have asked them to and they do that bit in less than 3-4 days.

The software is automated and checks the rankings of 10-50 sites every night, with intervals so that the search engines wont ban my ip.

nice review, cornwall

I read it early yesterday and appreciated it much, thanks. You saved me alot of time.

I also laughed as I got further and further into your article... it became clear that you were losing interest in crafting a winning review.....funny how that works. Maybe a better tactic is "free Amazon gift certificate for best review" instead of free software lol.

It is free software and for

It is free software and for the newb it is excellent software.

Thanks for feedback

I'm sorry I was not able to get back to discussion for quite a while.

First of all thanks for everyone who has already shared their opinion. As far as I understand we have wasted some time... :( due to my fault.
Let's do it like that, people interested in making a review, please download Web CEO and register (if you haven't already), then send me a note (my email is edgar.susoev at webceo.com) or drop a line here, so that I switch your licenses to the Pro ones for first 10 people for 1 month. I will write here when we reach that mark.

To cornwall, maybe you would like to try the full edition? And another question how much would you spend with WebPosition (among with WebTrends and Wordtracker) for similar services?

Edgar, I have replied to you privately as well..

My intention was not to gratuitously knock Web CEO. As John Andrews has fathomed, I started out assuming I wanted the software, and lost interest as I progressed.

It does not mean that it is not for everyone, but was not for me.

Yes, I do have WPG, Web Trends and Wordtracker, and to a certain extend the devil you know is better than the devil you do not. But I did try all aspects of the suite, within the constraints of the "free trial" edition.

Perhaps your offer to upgrade 10 TW readers to the Pro edition will prompt some to try, find to their liking, and write a more glowing review than mine :-)

the piecemeal approach

I have to say that as a "professional" I, too find the piecemeal approach better than the "suite" approach.

I agree there is a price argument there.. "how much do you pay for X and Y and Z... vs. the bundle" but I also think that a 10, 20 or even 30% premium is no big deal if I feel I am getting what I want. It is my impression that I never would choose to pay for at least 20 to 30% of what comes in most bundles.

That aside, as a professional I am usually willing to pay for value. After all, if I can't make money from valuable tools purchased at a fair price, I am not much of a businessman. Someone starting out fresh might want a bundle. Someone new to the field might start with a shotgun approach. If one or two aspects were killer of course people would buy the bundle to get those features.

Hope this helps.

Tried out the Professional edition of Web CEO and liked it

Good KEYWORD research + RANK CHECKER, fast and easy + detailed WEB STATS

First off, I’ve used both Wordtracker and Web CEO’s Keyword Suggestion tool, and I must say they complement each other perfectly.

The Optimization tool is good in general… Well, it’s kinda raw… It gives good pieces of SEO advice to be followed; however you have to guess what snippet of code you are supposed to repair.

What I find REALLY helpful here is the Rank checker is - easy to use, customizable and safe from getting banned. I’ve tried many online tools for checking your rankings however not all of them give accurate results, plus none makes you feel secure from getting your IP banned by the queried SEs.

Some words about Web CEO’s Submission tool… I found most popular SEs and directories there, and no FFAs - that is definitely a plus. Well you won’t use this tool much after you’ve submitted your site once :-)

Link popularity checker is kinda interesting… Well, I guess I have an idea of those who links to me. However it was interesting to learn about linking partners of my competitors :-)

Web stats service (they call it HitLens) is actually the best visitor tracking system I’ve ever tried for that price range. Yes it’s a bundled service and should be paid for extra... However the results are way more accurate than the log analyzer stats - I don’t trust log analyzers sorry!
Second, they provide about hundred of traffic reports; I found about 8 of them very interesting: insight on visitors’ details and nav paths, top-100 referring pages, ad campaigns and popular pages to name just a few…

Here comes the conclusion: Web CEO is definitely a good package for those who want to get good quality keyword research, convenient and safe rank checker plus reliable web traffic stats. Plus Editor, Uploader, Submitter and other helpful tools will be of help. I think in general Web CEO is worth the money paid.


Thanks for the review

Its always nice to sdee a new face, and I see you have just joined here, so it would be helpful if you introduced yourself on this thread

tell us more..

Terry: you said

Web stats service (they call it HitLens) is actually the best visitor tracking system I’ve ever tried for that price range. Yes it’s a bundled service and should be paid for extra... However the results are way more accurate than the log analyzer stats - I don’t trust log analyzers sorry!

Can you explain? Is it JS based (if not log based), an dif so, how canit be more accurate than log analysis?


I first tried WebCEO when I was a moderator at Search Guild. The WebCEO folks were handing out full versions of the software for free to the people at SG then.

At first, I liked WebCEO. I had been used to using my own no frills in-house ‘tools’ and WebCEO was a nice break and it seemed to work well enough, so I used it for a while, along with my other tools. Then one day the software asked me if I wanted to update... Sure I said, and after the update I lost the full version and ended up with the promo version, like the one WebCEO is giving away here. I lost most all of the historical data that I had been keeping on WebCEO (one of the main reasons I liked WebCEO was the ability to store historical data).

Soon after I lost the ‘full version’ in the software ‘upgrade’, WebCEO’s marketing dept started contacting me... I never purchased the product.

I think the full version is a good starter tool for the beginner in SEO.

However, the price is quite high at least in my opinion and the marketing is a little over bearing for me.

"the marketing is a little over bearing for me."

Apart from my view of the tool, that is definitely the impression that I had too.

Hey everyone, this one

Hey everyone, this one closes today -- i'll leave it a few hours in case anyone has something more to say.

One of the better discussions to come out of this experiment i think, thanks!

comprehensive review posted

Hello All,

I've posted a comprehensive review of WebCEO in the technology section of my weblog. I am covering the full version and all modules. I've been using the software on and off in different versions for the last two years so my notes are quite detailed.

My conclusion is that there are some nice tools here. I would use the Keyword Suggestion Tool (as one of several options), the Ranking checker, the Link Popularity Tool, the Auditor and the Uploader. I would put a value on these services as separates as follows:

Keyword Suggestion Tool - $100
Ranking Checker - $100
Link Popularity Tool - $50
Auditor - $40
Uploader - $20
Total value - $310

But there must be more respect for the integrity of users data. I would also like to see the pricing and search engine update issues resolved to a far more transparent (honest) model.

Cheers Ronsard

Hello Everyone

Thanks everyone for joining the disccussion, Nick will choose the best review and I will give him/her full edition forever.

I'll try to answer John's question. HitLens tracking system is javascript based. In two words, a tracking code is enabled to every page of yours, plus an external tracking javascript (webceo.js) is uploaded to the root folder of your website on the server. After that you are ready to go!

Here is the way the HitLens works:
1. A visitor comes to your site.
2. As the Web page loads, the HitLens tracking codes is executed. It collects non-personal information about the visitor.
3. The information collected by the tracking code is passed to our Datacenter where it is processed and stored.
4. When you ask for a report through Web CEO, in a few seconds it is retrieved from the Datacenter and displayed on your screen

HitLens vs Log Alalyzers
- HitLens identifies unique visitors by cookies (when cookies are not supported, this method is backed up by tracking the IP and visitors’ system data such as user agent).
As you probably know, Log analyzers identify visitors by their IP addresses only
- unlike log analyzers that report server activity, HitLens measures and analyzes human activity;
- if a visitor uses dynamic IP addresses, log analyzer will record many visitors based on different IP addresses, while the HitLens will identify the visitor by checking the cookie;
- in case visitors come to your site from behind a corporate firewall and use the same proxy server, there will be one visitor in the log files, whereas Hitlens will recognize all visitors by reading their cookies.

Hope that helps.

I think that HAS to be

I think that HAS to be Ronsard! -- sheesh, talk about in-depth heh!

Well done ronsard, and thanks to WebCEO for this - if you pm WebCEO your details ronsard, they'll take it from there.

Thanks everyone!

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