I watch very little television, like most here I suspect. Tonight however is special... Since Sunday, i've been finally getting to see the new Dr. Who - and man, everything i heard was true!

Christopher wotsit is an outstanding doctor, and Billy Piper is cool too - im enthralled for two hours every night while UK TV Gold run through the entire series in a week - it's cutting into my work, i've rescheduled phone calls around it, hell i've even changed Robyn's bedtime by 10mins so i can watch it undisturbed :)

My only other vice is desperate housewives which here in Denmark, is in the first season. That's on tonight too, so im outta here for a little while.

Oh, sad but ture; DH is refered to as Dirty Housewives here in the W household due to a ahem.. freudian slip of mine a while back hehe...


I agree

The new Dr Whathisname series was very cool indeed, worth watching the whole lot Nick, set your um..dvd recorder.

I couldn't get in to that Lost at all, I missed an episode or 2 and that was the end of it for me... I recently started watching Sopranos, Ive watched 3 series of it back to back these past few days, 2 more to go. Sooo addictive.

Dr Who was great

And so is Lost - I think I prefer Lost, after watching the first Episode on C4 in the UK I decided to aquire the rest, covert to DVD and myself and the wife managed to get though every one of the first series in about 1-2 weeks.

Season 2 is going on in the states - i'll wait a few more episodes and then get going with that I think. I watch too much TV, maybe I'd earn more money if I didn't - I still blame the wife though.

I wasn't overly impressed

I wasn't overly impressed with the new Dr Who, but I didn't think it was bad as some reviews made it out. Kinda dated Beeb FX though (but that's classic Dr Who for you!).

Has anyone been following Lost (no pun intended)? About a group of people who get stranded on an island after a plane crash and weird stuff happens to them. Not bad, not the best acting in the world though - trying too hard to being mysterious and ends up just being vague IMO. Got a hobbit in it though.



Not sure about the *new* new Dr David Tennant though, or the spinoff :OS (better not say too much - spoilers!)

I'm jealous Nick, the new

I'm jealous Nick, the new Doctor who has not aired at all in my little patch of thee USA. Heck, 180 frellin channels by satellite and I still can't get Dr. Who. Heh, Gurtie has been listening to me whine for months.

I'm glad you are able to enjoy it.