Ads are Content?


Peter points out John's inverview with Omid Kordestani, the Google Adsense guy, (he's the one that turned them from a geeky search engine to a multi-billion dollar media company). I'd missed this post, but damn, im glad Peter didn't. It's a corker...

We're absolutely deep in advertising, but let me clarify. The difference between us and our competition is that we innovate through applying technology. The angle of a media company is you're packaging content or advertising inventory. We look at ads as commercial information, and that goes back to our core mission of organizing the world's information. When people in the media world hear this, they say, "What are these guys talking about?"

So, ads are content Omid? I look forward to seeing what coming in terms of new advertising models and formats from GOOG, with this chap at the reins, it's anyone's guess.



There was a similar point made a while ago about ads being another type of search. Ah, here

yeah but....

we hear from that guy all the time, Omid Kordestani is a new name for me ;)

I also linked to this a

I also linked to this a while back

Once advertising becomes pertinent enough and unobtrusive enough it becomes information. I want to buy stuff, I need to buy stuff, I want useful information about stuff - I just don't like being shouted at.

>ads are content Absolutely.

>ads are content

Absolutely. In the States, pick up a copy of Trader magazine (any flavor; boats, cars & motorcycles, RVs) or Hemmings Motor News. Hemmings was the bible --about 2 inches thick and NOTHING but classified ads and I paid something like $35/yr for the priviledge of reading their ads, hhh! Truth be told, Hemmings and Trader formed much of my own online model which has worked from the git-go. So yes, ads are content, very attractive content, but the delivery shell has to be just right.

I think

eminimall ads are definitely content. they provide a useful picture, best deals, review and price comparison ... i like using it because it compliments my sites' content - earning revnue is an additional bonus.

Glad to see rc and todd's

Glad to see rc and todd's posts, cuz I thought I was gonna be the only one saying GOOD ads are content. :) That's why AdWords works -- the ads I see that have the best content are the ones I click on, and those ads get rewarded with higher placement than poor-content ads that have higher bids. Works for me.

Ads Are Content

Glad to see rc and todd's posts, cuz I thought I was gonna be the only one saying GOOD ads are content. :)

Agreed. Also, agree about the delivery shell (nail on the head, RC)

My wife wouldn't buy fashion magazines if it weren't for the ads. They appear, to me anyway, to be the most informative part.

I always watch this guy's (Omid K.) trades...

...and wish I had landed that tech job at Google in 2001.

I have to tell you I never

I have to tell you I never thought of it like that, RC, but I get it now.

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