UK Gov to Spam Kids, Companies


In an outstanding display of ignorance and unrivaled stupidity, the UK governent are to spam companies, and even children with their messages according to the BBC. They'll be sending kids anti-drugs messages via SMS, and dinging company intranets and internal email systems. Hmmm... sounds just perfect huh?

As Carlo at Techdirt says..

This sounds great, because if there's anything people like better than government spin, it's being spammed with it. While the British government may try to act tough on spam, this seems like another example of a government hating spam -- except when they use it.


Holy hell batman - to think

Holy hell batman - to think we pay these m* f*'s. Yet more tax payers dosh flushed down the pan!

Don't they realise the kids can't f***ing read! Sheesh.


"hEy h0mI3s, just r4PpIn 2 sAy tht it aInT k3wl 2 b AmP3d, 1nNit. Jst s4y NO!

Ur m8, tH3 B14iR5t3r.


in ireland

I get a text every friday evening from Diageo, the makers of Guinness, saying...

"Don't See A Great Night Wasted"

I have a feeling it's government backed.


Wow, you're not really that lame (sorry, l33t) are you Gurtie? Please send me the URL for the t00l you used to translate English into yoof bollocks.

... said new technology, such as texts, could prove better at getting the government message across.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

pHr33k1n A I am +h4t l33t, d00d :)

employ a couple of 19 year olds (preferably from the mean streets of the home counties) and hit the shift key on every second letter of words which can't be shortened/changed 2 numbers, you'll be talking b0110x like a pro in no time ;)

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