Google: If you're gonna sue us anyway, we'll get back to it ok?


So GOOG have tried to appease publishers and authors by "trying to find ways to make them more comfortable" with Google Print. That clearly hasn't worked as they've been sued 3-4 times since that announcement in August. Well bollocks to it then, we'll just get back to the scanning regardless ok?


Yes, I am back to scraping

Yes, I am back to scraping Google too. I guess that must be OK :)

Quite shocking if true.

Quite shocking if true.

Yes, I am back to scraping

Yes, I am back to scraping Google too. I guess that must be OK :)

Hey, as long as they consider it ok to cache your site, well, it must be ok.

Anyone Wanna Bet

that one of (or all of) the judges in these cases puts a stop to the scanning?

I am offering odds... ;-)

i'd take you up lots0 but

i'd take you up lots0 but judging by your screen name you're probably a tad wealthier than i am (if you are lots0 i am just "0" :) but i think google's going to win this battle in the long run. obviously they do not seem particularly willing to take no for an answer, and i think the fair use argument is a compelling one. plus i think one could make an argument that there is precedent -- what search engines do with caching sites is a very similar idea.


My comment that the Judges will put a stop to the scanning, is based on my very limited personal knowledge of the US legal system.

US Judges don't often approve of people (or companies) that continue to carry out actions, when the actions in question have been brought before the court for a decision on the legality of that action.

Hmmm I am at a loss as to why you think I have more money than you based on my 'Handle', lots0 = lots zero...

maybe i was mistaken -- i

maybe i was mistaken -- i assumed lots zero meant lots of zeros, as in 000,000,000 (like millions)

i wonder if the lobbyist google sent to washington has had any effect on their ability to manipulate the law thus far. i see this as too big and crucial of a battle for their long term plans for them to accept the answer "no" from anyone -- governments included.

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