NYT on Google's Plans to Commoditize All Advertisng

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It was hard to pick a title, and even harder to find a good snippet from Saul Hansens Google Wants to Dominate Madison Avenue, Too because in fact, it covers the full breadth of Google's advertising business from start, to present day, including it's plans to commoditize TV ads. It's a damn long, but damn good essay on the whole GOOG Ad Juggernaut, and is certainly worth grabbing a coffee and sitting back and reading through on a Sunday evening.

The privacy concerns about personal data were particularly interesting, which you'll find toward the end. There were also some choice quotes from Jeff Jarvis on Google's commoditization of "everything":

"For all of us to throw all our eggs in the Google basket is dangerous, because no one should have that much power," said Jeff Jarvis, a veteran magazine editor who publishes BuzzMachine, a blog about the media, and is a consultant for About.com, a division of The New York Times Company. He added that if Google were to expand its ad sales to other media outlets, prices would fall. "Google commoditizes everything," he said.

There is no better example of that than Google Base, a service that allows users to post all sorts of information free, including classified ads, he said. Newspapers, which increasingly use Google to sell ads on their own Web pages, will see Google Base as a "frontal assault" on their lucrative classified-ad business, and they will say, "I can't trust Google," Mr. Jarvis said.

Mr. Brin said that preliminary versions of Google Base leaked onto the Internet and that the company's partners should not fear it. "Google Base is as much about classified as it is about zoology," he said.


ok...this article just

ok...this article just flipped my stomach...I don't know why, but I just find it so depressing

well...actually I do know why...it is just the blatant conflict of interest here between providing good SERP and monetizing search engine results...for example how many scraper sites do you find in Google's results lately flying AdSense?

So basically Google is becoming the #1 sponser of spam IMHO...too funny...poor old Altavista must be spinning in its grave ;-)

basically...every webmaster should realize it is all about linking and not SERP...there should be a little revolt against all these morons that think they are so smart...a little sense of "who creates the content" and "who has the traffic" and "why the f..k are you making a profit off of me"

what did the Who say? meet the new boss...same as the old boss

I'm telling you man...who creates the content? who makes the internet? why settle for some dumb middleman telling you he is so smart...

mmm...lets also just add the question of "employment" and "health insurance" to this exploitive tail we are talking about

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