Google Minge


It's been a long day - this, from the Register, made me snigger. Time to work on those word blacklists for Google login captchas: Google requires user to enter 'minge'


I had to

look it up. lol

,..This sort of thing will simply not do...

Sounds like it got someone's panties twisted in a knot.

Probably got her 'minge' caught in it...

Here in the US the word we use is synonymous with our current president.

It's a pretty common word in

It's a pretty common word in the UK, I'd say. Heh.

Best said in a scouse accent

Best said in a scouse accent reffering to the local talent in the pub


They seem to recognise it OK in their keyword tool:

ginger minge Add »
hairy minge Add »
my minge Add »
rate my minge Add »
ewa minge Add »
minge pics Add »
wet minge Add »
big minge Add »
bjorn minge Add »
minge com Add »
eva minge Add »

Ok, that's probably enough

Ok, that's probably enough for one day :)

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