Google spasms - a stab at analysis


In the low-content gusher that is the current G update thread at WMW (am I the only lamer that still takes a deep breath and dips into these?), moderator Caveman attempts a mid-stream guess at what might be going on. Lots of talk about TrustRank and age beating allcomers.


Thank you.

For finding the caveman nugget and saving me from wading through that:)

Age seems to be a more

Age seems to be a more important factor than previously although some very old sites have also been hammered. All will no doubt be revealed with stage 3 due this week (Wed?) followed by some serious flux presumably while they tweek it.

how about steveb's later post

how about steveb's later post on authority and trust? I like that better than guessing: the update is in transition, and has some involvement with trusted sites and authority sites (a given?) and the current SERPs reflect the ongoing changes.

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