Yahoo E-mail Going through Tests


Apparently, Yahoo mail is undergoing tests. On a few of my outgoing emails, I've had to type in a visual code before the emial was sent. It didn't happen on all of them, however. Anyone else notice this?



Yes, last week was worse. I had to type in visual codes on most of my outgoing e-mail. I can understand for people using the free verison, but it does not make much sense when I pay for the upgraded e-mail package.

I think I have the solution.

This is driving me nuts too...

Possible solution. go here
Tell them you have a visual problem that won't allow you to read those. wait a few days...and wa la ...I did that and I just got this email:

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

We are sorry that you have had difficulty with our image verification process. We believe the problem you experienced should now be resolved. Our image verification process was implemented to help Yahoo! prevent email from being sent by automated programs for the sole purpose of abusing our services.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


so far, seems to work...haven't been asked to enter in the code in the past few hours since I got that yahoo email.
----*Update -
Scratch that idea.....just asked me to enter the the "Code"
FYI, on the page when it asks you to enter in the character string there's this hidden:
"Attention Blind or Visually Impaired Users. To complete this form you must enter a character string that is part of an image. If you can't read the image, Yahoo is happy to help you continue sending email. A representative from customer care will need to contact you. To request assistance with registration, please read the Yahoo! Terms of Service located at Once you have reviewed our policies, please provide your phone number and email address and send your request by visiting this URL -"
---- but my request didn't "fix" it

so if you are visually

so if you are visually impaired, you have to call a phone number for *every* email you send?

That's lame.

They are blocking spam on the wrong side

It's all the crap they allow to get past their filters that they should be blocking.

Oh, wait. They've accepted money for that.

Never mind.


Yahoo has a pretty good spam filter. I rarely have to delete things fror my mailbox. Most of the crap is in the bulk mail folder. It is why I continue to use Yahoo mail.

I must say I use Gmail as a spam filter

and I have found it both free and efficient.

Why pay on Yahoo?

>>>Why pay on Yahoo? I get

>>>Why pay on Yahoo?

I get my spam filtering for free on Yahoo. I find it better than the spam filters in Mail or Thunderbird. That decent spam filtering plus mobile compatability has me using Yahoo for most of my email anymore.

spam filter

seems to be okay for me. I get very little, and only the occasional false positive.

The captchas are driving me mad though. I even get them if I send to someone in my address book, or if I send something back to myself!!

The "seeing impaired" form did no good for me either.

Interesting..I only had to

Interesting..I only had to do the "type this code" in once, which is why I thought they were testing it. Wonder if it is different for different parts of the country?

Knock Wood

I'm getting no captcha's as well. If they start popping up all the time I will migrate to another email service and abandon Yahoo.

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