Yahoo and 'interesting' hand-tweaking?


In a story entitled "Yahoo Marketing Yahoo Search in its Google Results", Search Engine Journal flag an odd looking result. Matt comments here - he also remembers some previous hand-jobs.


Great post by Matt btw,

Great post by Matt

btw, where is Stephen Baker these days?


Stephen Baker is back at FastSearch and Transfer and is based in NY. He re-joined them from Overture not long after Overture bought ATW.

He has been back there for a couple of years now. I haven't seen him for a few months. I last saw him at SES NY. He is running round the world selling Fast's very nice enterprise stuff.


Stephen Baker was a great guy whenever I talked to him. To be fair, I think the ATW guys did the Google thing mostly as a prank; I think they thought of it as an easter egg.

> he also remembers some

> he also remembers some previous hand-jobs.

*grin* (sorry...couldn't resist...)

I'd nver find the link, but

I'd nver find the link, but this is NOT new. They did this on the main way back when they first redesigned (or launched?) the interface.

You could get those little search boxes for all the engines - er... for MSN and GOOG anyway...

Looks like the nz one just never ditched it..

Matt, will you address a related topic?

You wrote in your followup comments on your blog:

Daniel, I agree. I’m happy to say how things are at Google right now. At Google we don’t have the ability to say “for this web search, hand-code this result to be at the top or get a boost.” We have the ability to remove results for legal reasons (e.g. a DMCA request, which would be documented at the bottom of a results page) or to penalize for spam reasons (e.g. off-topic keyword stuffing or doorway pages), but not to boost hand-picked results.

Through the years, I have seen people insist that Google does arbitrarily boost some sites' results. You're saying here that Google doesn't do this.

How about offering some clarification on whether Google targets specific industries? Google has clearly limited access to adult-oriented content through its SafeSearch technology. Is there is any basis for people's oft-voiced concerns that Google seeks to devalue eCommerce sites in its results for reasons other than spamming or otherwise contravening Google's content guidelines?

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