THK to Buy Web Diversity


Despite recent rumours and scandal surrounding Think Partnership, owners of Websourced. And despite having to ahem... restate their financials for the last couple years, THK have signed a letter of intent to buy Web Diversity.

Hope you're going to make a packet on that Jim!


Well done Jim!

Well done Jim!

>> THK will acquire Web

>> THK will acquire Web Diversity for an upfront consideration of $1 million in cash and $1 million in common stock

Thats it ?

Seems like a good deal to

Seems like a good deal to me. Jim sure they not shafting you?

2 times profit plus another

4 times profit for a growth company?

I'd pay more than that if I had a couple mil lying around.

Undervalued by a factor of 3 I'd say.

Good time to sell

with google about to shaft agencies on kickbacks

Surprised ...

To be honest i am quite surprised by the revenue projection for a well known company like that!.

Anyway congrats to Jim !.

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