Disposable Credit Card


This is such a no-brainer someone must have thought of this before but I haven't seen it. A disposable credit card, but not one of those funky "internet money" things from the dotcom days but a real Visa card.

The disposable Visa cards - dubbed 3V cards - enable people to buy goods and services over the phone and the internet even if they don't have a credit card. Customers buy credit in retail outlets, in the same way that they can buy pre-paid mobile phone credit. The maximum credit which can be purchased on any one 3V voucher is €350 and the minimum is €20.

I would like one of these when signing up for goods and services online where I didn't entirely trust the merchant, for example my addiction to low cost mp3s from dodgy-looking Russian music sites.


"Plastic Paddies"

Well, its being marketed in Ireland...and El Reg refers to the purchasers as "Plastic Paddies". I could only imagine that it would be my fellow countrymen that would be daft enough to pay this top up fee:-

credit card top-ups will cost €5, regardless of the value of the credit purchased.

However 10,000 sold out of an Irish population of 3 million is quite impressive. (multiply by 20 for UK)


That's, what £3? I would pay that to reduce the risk of some chav running up a huge bill at my expense :O) I often pay £1.50 to draw my own cash out of my own account at motorway services ATMs so I am not too concerned. Looks like they are coming to UK and rest of europe soon, can't wait.

They have been around

In America they have been available for a long time.


Most of those pre-paid cards (in the US) charge you a setup fee of $5.00 to $15.00 and then upto $2.50 a week (no matter if you use the card or not) and then charge you a $1.50 to make a withdrawl. I used to sell these things.

From what I see these pre-paid cards are just another way to steal from people with bad/no credit.

Sounds different then

The european jobbies seem more like a mobile phone top up card, they make their fee when you top up so no ongoing charges?

> From what I see these

> From what I see these pre-paid cards are just another way to steal from people with bad/no credit.

Yeah, I was reading the fine print on one of those a few months ago. Like other "sub-prime lending" trickery they circumvent usery laws with built-in fees.

we have an aversion to cash

Here in the US we seem to have an aversion to cash these days. Government wants to know about everything. The cash deposit reporting limits have been lowered, and kiosk withdrawal limits are ridiculous.

I have had many a discussion/argument with many a bank about the crazines of limiting my daily withdrawls to $300 or $600. Unclear government regs subject to "interpretation" and a general fear of everything terrorism: nobody cares to acommodate what must be a fringe customer.

Don't just read the fine print: try a small value card and see how it works. Even then, it can change at any time.

take a look at eGld. That one seems to work well for online and ATM use.

Portuguese Version

Here in Portugal we have a similar service, but it's FREE, and it's working for some years now.
You can create a virtual visa card, and fund it with any ammount you wish. You can create the virtual visa online, or at the local ATM machine. Very nice :)

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