No Escape for Apple on iPorn


We've talked about the various moves to bring porn to the video iPod, and the reaction of the adult industry to it, but despite adult businesses being wary of entering the space, the iPorn train rolls on. Reuters report on a new dedicated search engine that finds adult video suitable for the video iPod.

It may not be quite what Steve Jobs had in mind, but an online search engine called Guba is set to offer vast amounts of pornography and other video files, specifically tailored for Apple's new iPods.

Guba is a subscription-only search engine that culls video files from the Usenet newsgroups, a huge repository of online content -- much of it adult, pirated, or both.

Beginning this month, Guba will convert video files from Usenet into the format used by the iPod, known as H.264. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs launched the video-enabled iPod last month along with deals to sell downloadable music videos and TV shows.

via SEHerald



Using pirated content as a business model? Give it a couple of months.

> Give it a couple of

> Give it a couple of months.

Kazaa is still around :)

You cannot knock their understanding of the market

"We can kid ourselves, but in the end it's probably porn that people want," said Guba Chief Executive Thomas McInerney.

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