Can Transmedia's Glide Challenge Google, Microsoft?


Iv'e been catching bits and pieces of info on Transmedia's Glide system for a while now, but untill just 5mins ago had not looked into it at all. Now TW reader Dan points me to a report on InfoWeek that gives a pretty good overview of what TM hope will be a Google/MS service killer.

he software, announced in mid-October, is called Glide Effortless. It's a set of 12 applications for content creation, communication, e-commerce, and sharing. The apps are Glide Photos, Glide Music, Glide Video, Glide Docs, Glide AllMedia, Glide Contacts, Glide Calendar, Glide Timeline (Glide’s search engine), Glide Mail, Glide Cast (audio, text, and video conferencing), Glide Share and Glide Shops. Because the apps were developed simultaneously, they work in concert with elegance not evident in other loosely linked software programs like Apple's consumer media applications or Microsoft Office.

Glide is browser-based and thus can be used on the three major PC operating systems -- Linux, Mac, and Windows. The Mac-compatible version is coming December 25. In January, Glide will be available on portable devices such as cell phones. Shortly thereafter, it will run on digital set-top boxes.

It sounds like fun, but my instinct tells me it won't amount to much more - but then that's not much to go on :)

Anyone know anymore about Glide?


They need one more product....

...Astro-Glide so the investors don't hurt too much when they take it hard.

For starters all this "death of the desktop" nonsense is just that as nobody in their right mind would relinquish total control of their applications to some online service seeing as how connectivity can be spotty at best. For the last week my cable modem has been burping for 15-20 minutes a couple of times a day and I'd be out of business if the "death of the desktop" was a reality.

No thanks.

Maybe they can hook up with Flock and form a mega corp YouDontNeedItButWeMakeItAnyway, LLC

A contender

I think Glide has a lot of potential with the youth market. One to watch imo.

On a vaguely related note...

Look out for FilmLoop in the rah rah blog press shortly...

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