Google Slashes Income of Children's Hospital


As we discussed in another thread today, there is scope for some really bad publicity if you look like you are making money out of a charity, specially if it is a children's hospital. Well Google has stepped up to the plate. The Times is running the story of how Google today found itself accused of damaging the fundraising efforts of a London children's hospital which has relied for more than 75 years on royalities from J M Barrie's Peter Pan.

Google has angered the charity by making a text of the children’s classic available online as part of the Google Print Library Project.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity is angry that Google's policy of making literature freely available online will hit the hospital's finances hard, potentially costing it millions of pounds.

The book is copyright protected in the UK, and a major source of income to the hospital

, before copyright in the book, Peter Pan, expired, Parliament passed an amendment to the Copyright Act that extended Great Ormond Street's rights to Peter Pan earnings in the UK in perpetuity

Google would appear to have its corporate knickers in a twist over this

A Google spokesperson today told Times Online that the online copy "looks like it has been provided ...via the Google Print Publishing Programme which means the book has been submitted by the publisher". This was emphatically denied by the spokesman for the charity, who pointed out that the book is under copyright in the US until 2023, although it is out of copyright in other territories, including Canada and Japan.

Perhaps that highly paid Google Spin Doctor should step in and sort it before they do look like the school bully. You would be better to back off gracefully now, rather than try to tough this one out.



why does google hate sick children?

As long as he....

Perhaps that highly paid Google Spin Doctor should step in and sort it before they do look like the school bully. You would be better to back off gracefully now, rather than try to tough this one out.

As long as he doesn't go along to the children's hospital with sewing machines under his arms and start getting the kids to sew up some Gap clothes.

Perhaps the public will realise

Up until now the debate about Google print, copyright and publishers has been very much a discusion within the tech community. Perhaps this will be enough to push "Evil Google" into the mainstream.


That was the whole idea.

A company that arrogant was going to screw up in public sooner or later.

I suggest that Times story is forwarded to whatever is your most respectable media outlet locally, and a link to any story they run given to Nick Taylor at the American Authors' Guild. He could probably use a good laugh - and all the ammo he can get.

Hysterical horse manure

Project Gutenberg has had it online for quite some time

British Library & MSFT

Microsoft and the British Library signed a deal today to scan and put online 100,000 books

Thanks Bill!

Yes they do appear a little confused about their legal position, don't they? I'm on it..

I like Google but this book

I like Google but this book publishing idea has really been a big drain on the company's good PR....

Google kills children (a nice debunking)

Rather than expend my energy on this topic anymore, I'll simply link to the fine commentaries on Boing Boing and wholelottanothing :)

i dont really buy into the

i dont really buy into the whole good/evil thing as i think it's completely irrelevant, but let's try to take a complete picture of don't forget about google's charity plans. note also that those are corporate contributions; chief billionaires brin and page have declined to discuss their own personal gift-giving.

I see the google wannabees

are hard at it this morning.

Whoever wrote that boing boing article is a real hoot! Talk about propaganda and spin, the other article is not even worth a comment...

So google is planning on giving away a billion dollars... I'll believe it when I see the check. I'll bet it is more like getting a billion dollar tax writeoff...

The stock holders (like myself) are going to have a thing or two to say before management gives away a BILLION dollars of our money - google management had damn well better get a 'GOOD' return on that billion dollars or they may well be out of a job.

Google Management, leave Peter Pan and the Childrens Hospital alone, your acting like a Priate.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Go take a look at what they've done to the Koran. Personally, I reckon if Allah had wanted ads on it, he would have put them there himself..

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