Live HTTP Header Tool for FF


I came across this today Live HTTP Headers tool for FF . Unsurprisingly it does what it says on the box, gives you the headers live. If you switch your User Agent, its quick to see what is being fed to GBot.

So if you are checking on whether some B is 302ing you, could be a faster way of getting the headers than the clunky way I do it at the moment.

I am indebted to a contributor of the Jagger Update thread at WMW for discovering this little nugget.


Hmm, could it be buggy?

Was using Proxomitron for this, but this looks more whistled-up. Well, it IS more whistled-up. Thanks for posting it. However, twice today FF has totally-crapped out on me; cannot remember the last time this happened, I'm beginning to suspect this extension. One more time and I'll uninstall, see if that makes a difference.

I've been using that one for

I've been using that one for a while, and if I remember correctly, I had to uninstall it after a FF update, then reinstall it. But it's working fine for me now, running v0.6.7 of the extension on FF 1.0.7.

have been using it for about

have been using it for about a week or so, but it isn't the full ticket for me, and am still resorting to using Rex Swain's HTTP viewer for checking redirects


It handles redirects.. what does the other tool show you the Live HTTP Headers miss ?


excuse my stupidity! I'd just been using the headers tab from the page info box, and not the rather good live HTTP headers box.

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