Threadwatch Editors, Changes Ahead!


Firstly, i'd like to thank everyone that's had stealth editor permissions over the last year, some have been more active than others of course, but on the whole, the small team of folks that have helped keep TW spam free have done an outstanding job, and im really grateful for that. Thankyou.


I always said i would rotate editors around a bit, and never really did, but im going to do it now. So many of the those with editors perms will move back to regular members, with my thanks. And i'll be contacting a few folks and asking if they would consider editing for TW - some fresh blood if you like :)

Finally, i will also be getting around to the long threatened move to publically anknowledging our editors efforts, and displaying them on the site. Just a little recognition for TW's main contributors!

Thanks again to everyone, although since going premod there has been little work for the current editors to do, there was a time when it was all hands on deck, it's appreciated.


Oh, and by the way...

I wasn't sure, prior to posting, who would be cool with being "outed" as a TW editor this last year, and who wouldn't - hence not naming and thanking individuals.

It's not a secret anymore though, so if editors have comments on any of this and want to id themselves, please go right ahead!

"publically anknowledging"

Yes, I know I'm new to this place but I should toss my hat into the arena as the next candidate for official spell checker.

Heh, you were talking to EX-editors...


The list on the right looks nice though... Now I can go and suck up to them.... ;-]

I've never been very good at

I've never been very good at speeling...

and i write too quickly heh..

Nick: you've done a lot

Nick: you've done a lot with this post. It is clear you appreciate those who have helped you. Thank you goes a long way...

Thanks Editors

Cheers editors - who ever you are, Threadwatch rocks and your contribution is appreciated.


So what sort of access rights do TW editors get? 8-)

"access rights"

Looks as if Matt wants the job, Nick.

Maybe TW could become the most Google-ophile site on the web.

Matt and access rights


Ask Nick I am sure he will give you access rights to "tell the truth" when some google bashing goes on:)

Is it true that due to the amount of work involved in replying to all the forums, there are now a team at google called Matt Cutts?


We don't

>>>>>>>So what sort of access rights do TW editors get? 8-)

We don't get your private email address. I asked.


>>Maybe TW could become the most Google-ophile site on the web.

who's supplying the pointy white hats? :)

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