Daily Mail to allow readers to comment online


Netimperative report on the Daily Mail allowing users to post comments against each news item going on the website.

Nigel Vincent, ANM executive editor said: "Our aim is to develop reader interactivity throughout the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday website - bringing alive the stories we publish and offering our readers the chance to influence the content of the site. Often, their remarks and opinions become the stories themselves."

Another indication that print media giants are recognising the importance of owning web content.


That's a wonderful first

That's a wonderful first step, and better late than never!


It's the daily mail though. I dread to think what the calibre of the comments will be. There are probably guestbook spambots out there with more brainpower

"probably guestbook spambots out there with more brainpower"

Dunno about that, Daily Telegraph have not offered the service yet..

It's better than that...

Cheers for the comments. It's actually going quite well.

For example, there's a great story today about a Lynda La Plante and Anne Robinson clash at The Ivy recently http://tinyurl.com/7tmd2 and just within the past hour, Ivan Massow (who was dining at the time with Lynda) left a reader comment on the story to further elaborate.

And yesterday, for example, we received harrowing comments from readers throughout France who are have been affected by the riots: http://tinyurl.com/cdxlr

The ability for readers to comment on all articles published and engage with one another in this way is a great step in the right direction.

But there's so much more that can and ought to be done. I'd like to see much more reader involvement like this and strongly encourage other newspapers in the UK to follow suit.

Great site btw - a daily must read for me - keep up the great work.


I take it comments need to be authorised?

Isn't that almost identical to what the BBC do for their online articles then?

Isn't it a bit more specific

Isn't it a bit more specific on the BBC; i.e. specific discussion points set up rather than potential commenting for all news items?

That's what I thought Adam....

but it seems that commenting is not on ALL items on the Daily Mail website?

Have a look at the news page:


Looks about 50/50 on if they article has commenting allowed or not, which is still a lot more frequent than the BBC though.

Why certain articles don't have commenting

The BBC selects a handful of topics that day that they want to have discussion on.

James - on the news page, there are indeed a few articles which don't have commenting.

Articles which revolve around anything legal are not 'switched on' for commenting at this stage, due to the legal resource required to approve such content.

Also - articles which come in from wires overnight are also not enabled for commenting - again for possible legal reasons. We may review this at a later stage, but for now it's a great start nonetheless.



Comment moderation

And yes James - all comments need to be moderated before being made live. We typically moderate all comments within about 30 minutes - give or take...

As soon as the comment is published, the author of the comment is emailed a link to their published comment, should they choose to receive one.


nice to have feedback :)

so is moderation purely for standard moderation issues or will you be doing a BBC and just publishing a 'representative sample'? (chosen, as far as I can see, by the work experience kid :) )

Private Eye are going to luuurve this.

Most Americans won't know about Private-Eye but I can't wait to read their take on this - they have been complaining for months about TV news asking people to send the photos from their mobiles in.

It also seems that this has the makings of a good advertising platform. They really now have the ability to place advertising in those comments that are story-specific or just even popular.


The BBC can receive up to 6000 comments on a given topic (and within a matter of hours!) - so understandably they'd only have the time to publish a sample, as such.

We on the other hand pretty much publish everything - standard moderation issues permitting.



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if one of you distracts him while I steal his ftp passwords we have ourselves some authority links :D......

Nice to know....

Gurtie you consider the Daily Mail, authority ;-)


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