Does Yahoo! Search Marketing SUCK for Agencies?


Heather posts some rather damning criticism of YSM. Again. She says that it's far too easy to get client credit cards mixed up, and dreadfully difficult to rectify cock ups.

Overture sucks for marketing agencies. Why? Because the way it is set up now, it is very easy to have one client’s credit card charged for another’s PPC charges with no notification whatsoever to either the Client or the Agency. When it happens, fixing it is a challenge because, as I’ve said before, Overture’s customer service is horrible.

Can anyone corroborate Heathers point of view, or should we just not trust her with our credit cards? :)


Easy workaround to this issue

The comments on the blog are fairly accurate with respect to mixing up credit cards between accounts in the same agency logins.

However, there is an easy way to avoid the problem - log into the account directly when changing anything billing - not through the agency login. By doing this, Overture only looks at the credit cards associated to that account and not at all the cards associated with all of the agency logins.

This issue has been around since the inception of agency accounts.

The thing is, the accounts

The thing is, the accounts -- yes more than one -- this happened to *never* had a credit card associated with them under the Agency account: Overture's system just picked the first card out of the drop down box and charged it. Without notifying anyone.

As long as Overture has been in this field, it is simply pathetic they haven't fixed their user interface to be especially friendly for Agencies to use.

Yes, Yahoo is kinda dumb.

The agency I work for has had similar problems with Overture's card handling skills (or lack thereof). A client in the EU was getting charged for an American account, something that the American Yahoo said could only be taken care of by the EU office...We got a fine run-around.

I guess you guys don't do

I guess you guys don't do any PPC. I am stunned this thread is three posts long.

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