How about running IE - inside Firefox?


You probably know the extension IE View that will let you transfer links and pages from Firefox to IE (eg. clicking a link in FF that opens in IE). Now, how about running Internet Explorer - inside Firefox?

Over at Sitepoint, Alex Walker made me discover the Firefox extension IE Tab which will let you do exactly that. It adds an option to the right click menu that will let you open a special tab in your Firefox browser. This tab looks just like any other Firefox tab, except that it is a working IE browser window.

Only downside I've discovered so far is that Copy+Paste don't seem to work with IE tabs, but that's not really a thing that you would want to use anyway, for security reasons. (On second thought: Perhaps it's my personal security settings that prevent it and not the tool)


Active X too?

Will it run Active X? Gotta check this one out for my Quickbooks online.

Thank you...

that is one of the best extensions that I have ever seen for Firefox, and means that I will never need to load IE again.


Does some odd things with displaying..

Its a nice tool, and would save me firing up IE when I need it for some daft website that won't run in FF..

..however I seem to get a display problem when I run TW using the tool. I get odd things with AdSense ads. The left hand block is public service ads, and a wadge of normal AdSense ads display under the original post heading and before the original post copy.

In FF the Adsense ads are only in the left hand column, and they are not Public Service ads.


Like most of the best tools it's a simple idea that saves time. A great use of extensions in FF.

Logged in Cornwall?

That's just going to be a cookie thing, no?

There's a little Firefox

There's a little Firefox icon on the statusbar - click it and it turns into the Explorer "e". That lets you toggle between the display engines used for the page you're on.

I don't know about ActiveX as such, but I don't have Flash on my Firefox, yet, in my IE tabs I do have Flash. On the whole it seems as if the IE Tabs can do exactly the same as your IE version can. It even shows the Google AdSense preview IE plugin.

Logged in Cornwall?

Thanks Mat, in toggling I ended up on a different page, and lost the log-in temporarily. When I go on a page at TW, it corrects itself, and displays correctly.


Doesn't seem to like the javascript popups. So the use I had for it is no no good.



I had to uninstall IE View to use this, then tried it out on a couple of sites that require IE. It worked on one, but on the other I got the same error I get in FF: The connection has been terminated unexpectedly.

I think I'll be better off switching back. At least IE View always works for me.

Weird, I have never

Weird, I have never experienced this error in Firefox: "The connection has been terminated unexpectedly." - You must be visiting some sites that i don't :-)

Anyway, I've got both IE Tab and IE View installed w/ no probs. I can even copy+paste between tabs now :-)

More plugins??

I tried loading the 'recent posts' page into an IE tab, it loaded for a second, then bounced to a 'plugin is required' page, when you click 'get plugin' it says none can be found :(

Thought I had a solution for logging into TW within FF a moment!

no plugins required

I'm writing this post from an IE Tab - i logged in in a firefox tab and then toggled to IE... Am I the only one that have no problems with this at all?

"The connection has been

"The connection has been terminated unexpectedly." - You must be visiting some sites that i don't :-)

Unless you have an account at Cambridge Savings Bank, you're probably right.

I hadn't actually considered the possibility of using both extensions. I suppose for the pages that will only load in the "real" IE, I'll set IE View to always display them, but I can use IE Tab to quickly test a page in IE... but I'm not sure I'll completely trust it. I may need to look at the page in IE itself just to be on the safe side.

Funny how advances in technology can lead to extra work, isn't it?


It worked for me with my Quickbooks! Would be cool if other extensions would work while your in IE view, but that might be a bit too much to ask for.

Excellent extension!

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