Forum Spammer Accuses SEO's of Being Criminals

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Why Selling SEO is Cheating
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Some whiney little oik is accusing pretty much the entire SEO/SEM sector of being criminals:

As an industry we have to get our act together and behave in an honest and honorable manner. Selling SEO services to a small manufacturer of ball bearings in Birmingham is close to fraudulent and trading on his ignorance and gullibility. Selling a service that will expose a client’s website to his real potential market is much more difficult, particularly as it is extremely difficult to show the real results quickly.

Posted on multiple forums around the net, i'd advise you put on your macintosh and galoshes before engaging him in any sort of debate as he seems to be foaming at the mouth and drooling a bit. I'd say it was Daniel Brandt in disguise but to give the boy credit, he's a little more articulate than Brandt.