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Well, you all know I've been hard at work with some friends on a new project, and now, after some months of planning and a lot of blood and sweat, the first part of the grand plan to rule the world is launching. - Helping Bloggers Succeed is a group blog aimed at "professional bloggers", those folks that aren't so much interested in who said what about who, or whether they're on the "A-List" as those who want to blog professionally.

Performancing covers all kinds of stuff, but it's all very tightly focused on making money from blogging. We're talking about ad programs, design, testing, promoting and the business of blogging for $$$'s.

The Company
Performancing LLC is owned by Me and Patrick, who takes a less active role in the actual website but does a whole shit load of stuff with the other stages of our business. We also employ Threadwatch's very own Chris Garrett as our "tech guy", which if we were being all snobby about it would make him our CTO, and Andy Hagans blogs on monetization issues.

In addtion to that, we have Peter Brady blogging with us. Peter's specialty is Ads on Blogs.

Grab the RSS

Although the site may well have limited appeal to most TW regulars, i hope we'll pick up some interest from some of you, and from TW readers. You can grab the RSS feed here.

Note to TW'ers
Do forgive me the little promo please chaps, im dead proud of our efforts on this site and there most certainly IS a portion of the TW audience this will appeal to. It's most certainly NOT a Search site, though we'll of course be touching on that from time to time, and you're all welcome to come play if you would like - though the tone, guidelines and subject matter is VERY different to here.

Spreading the word

If anyone has a delicious, myweb2.0 etc account, and you feel it's worthy of a bookmark, i'd be very grateful for it - we've tagged it with things like blog blogging marketing advertising etc, but you should choose what makes sense to you of course :)

Ok, thanks everyone, normal service will now be resumed....


Press Release

Congrats on the launch of the new site, guys. Do you have a good old fashioned press release done for the site? I'd be glad to help push it out the media to get some mentions...

Good Luck

Good luck with the new project Nick - I'm sure it will be very successful.

First glitch fixed

God im a dumbarse...

Forgot to allow users to register hehe! Thanks Torque for the headsup on that.

Bill, i'll pm you :)

Perfect timing

I just finished setting up hosting for a couple of blogs about five minutes ago. Now I know where to go to find what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.

Looking forward to learning from a great team.

Good Luck and Well Done

Congratulations Nick - All the late nights and long days have finally come to fruition.

Now you can get back to teaching me some more. I am becoming a great TW reader these days.

Good Stuff.

joined already.


Just been installing wordpress this evening for the first time. Looks like it might well be a useful resource for me.

Love the design.

Good luck with it.

Great timing

Just decided to jump into blogging on both a regional and national scale and felt stupid asking for this kind of info on TW. What a kick ass resource. Just registered.

jeez. it's so annoying to be

jeez. it's so annoying to be perpetually reminded of how much i dont know. :)

So exciting

I was lucky enough to get a preview of this grand plan of Nick and Patrick's. Have to say I am very impressed with what I see so far and think Performancing will fill a big need in the blogging community. You like this? Just wait, more to come!!!
(I love to do teasers!) ;-)


Congrats and good luck, Nick! I'm sure it will be a rousing success! :)

Good luck - looks like a

Good luck - looks like a well timed launch ;)

I like it!

It's exactly the thing I've been looking for, now that I'm more interested in monetizing my blog. I originally had AdSense on it, but the pennies aren't enough for an affiliate marketer like myself. So, I've been ad-free for almost a year now. It's time to focus a bit more and I'm glad that I'll have a new site to read that's interested in exactly that.


Well Done Nick et. al. Great

Well Done Nick et. al. Great content and v. cool Drupal design.

I like the author pictures as well. I have a vague recollection that was one of your pet hates, so I'm glad someone forced that on you ;)

Good luck though, I've added the RSS to my list.

Thanks everyone. It's a

Thanks everyone.

It's a hectic job launching a new blog on this kind of scale (note the optimism heh..) so i've let my TW'ing slide a little today, my apologies.

You guys have done an outstanding job in my absense. This was rather how i'd always envisioned TW, not a nick blog with the odd member post, a member blog with the odd nick post heh!

I think this is more accurate:

"a member blog with the odd nick"


Yeh, that's probably about

Yeh, that's probably about right Jill :)

Hey, 52 bloglines subscribers at the start of day 3 aint bad! We're doing ok...

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