NewsVine, It's a News Site, with Comments! Erm......


There's an awful lot of backslapping buzz being generated over the coming launch of newsvine, with industry heavyweight Om Malik write a long post about it and a whole bunch of others jumping up and down excitedly at what, for all intent and purpose, amounts to yet another scraper with it's best frock on.

From Om's post:

Their model is pretty simple. Marry the content from generic news sources like Associated Press or Reuters, with citizen journalism. Newsvine will feature AP news feeds, which will account for about 80% of the content on the site. Rest of it will be made up of contributions from citizen journalists, who will sign-up and submit content to the site. So if you are a LA Lakers fan, then your columns could be featured right next to AP copy on a URL that will essentially look like Given that I have been rallying against the whole concept of gross exploitation of “user generated content” you might be wondering why is it any different? Well, because you get a piece of the advertising that is sold against content you generated. Those of you who don’t want to write long articles, simply save the link to Newsvine with your comments.

Yep, that's a scraper alright...

So, let me get this straight:

  • You take (buy, or scrape, who cares?) generic news sources
  • And allow users to comment on those pieces? Woohoo!
  • And best of all, we get to share a bit of the ad revenue? Oh my, im bowled over with confidence, entusisasm and web2.0 goodiness!

Gimme a fucking break....


even worse

'users' don't 'comment' - its 'citizen journalists' who 'write articles'.....

perhaps as someone who, er, sometimes writes article type things about news, I shouldn't be too sniffy but yeah it sounds a lot like a community blog which posts standard news outlets rss feeds as well.

I'm sure the word 'mashup' should be in that description somewhere? I bet there's a google maps overlay which shows the locations of the 'journalists'. And perhaps a podcast?


I like the angle on it where the users add links to articles from around the web to the site.

But I don't think it's earth shattering as I'm sure it could be easily replicated - unless they have any fancy algorithms or other hard to get at IP...


Isn't that exactly what you do but oh wait you don't share the ad revenue.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Doesnt make your idea any

Doesnt make your idea any less shit mate.


I don't think it is quite the same though is it? - Threadwatch isn't a news aggregator, in that it doesn't use stories direct from other feeds they're always rewritten with the authors slant on them (or Nicks if he hijacks your headline and revamps it :) )

That doesn't mean news aggregators or hybrids aren't or can't be good - but its not actually the same.

RE: Doesnt make your idea any

And whats your idea, placing ads over every square inch and putting google adwords in the middle of the page so you have to scroll down half a page to read someone elses ideas re written with poor grammar. Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll miss click and make you a couple a pennies.

I can't see this as being

I can't see this as being better than I mean what makes that so valuble is the relentless updating every 5 minutes on world wide news. I just don't think comments like Slashdot are going to make up for timeliness.

you have to scroll down half

you have to scroll down half a page to read someone elses ideas re written with poor grammar

If you need any paper products call me, you will not be disapointed with the intesity of our goods.

Indeedy, poor grammar is a terrible thing.

Well spotted

Hilarious, Kino!

>> Maybe you'll get lucky

>> Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll miss click and make you a couple a pennies.

Thats the idea, but hey, maybe i'll be even luckier and you'll stop trolling my website?

I feel no need to justify anything I do. Whereas you do.

Threadwatch isn't the place for that, cos frankly, i couldn't give a fuck...

Thats the idea, but hey

With ideas like that who needs content or a quality site. You can just make your money off deception and manipulation of your readers. Whats next, spyware?

Right, that's enough now. I

Right, that's enough now.

I dont have time for trolls, im busy.

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