Pingoat Needs Server Help


I hate to see a good service die... I'm sure many of us here use Pingoat and loving it. They have posted a a call for help with their servers on their blog this week.

URGENT: Help needed
Ok, things just got worse. Pingoat is dying. The server is choking to death. Please immediately contact kailash.nadh [at] if you can offer help in anyway. It wouldnt be more than a few days before the whole server collapses :| So please do offer a helping hand if possible. URGENT

If anyone uses this service and can donate help to them, please contact them. It would be a shame to see this great service go....

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson


>> I'm sure many of us here

>> I'm sure many of us here use Pingoat and loving it.

Are you?

I'd be willing to bet very few have heard of it, and even less care about it.

Looks like a case of poor planning to me. In web2.0 fashion they threw up a poorly excuted app, and hoped to either a) get funded by some moron VC with too much money and testosterone, or b) that the god of daft ideas would smile down upon them and grant them infinate bandwidth and scaleable architecuture.

a box in some blokes bedroom is gonna choke, where's the shocker?

No shock, but it's a good service

I had been using ping-o-matic until someone pointed me to pingoat. It's faster, gets less errors, and offers more options. I'd hate to see it go.

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