Black meets White in Grey Marriage Shocker!


Not sure if you guys have noticed this aswell, but Danny is spot on when he talks about Black and White hat branches of SEO coming together.

ore white hats seem to feel things they might have deemed wrong in the past to be more acceptable, while some black hats are deciding some aggressive tactics might not be worth continuing with. Meanwhile, "bad" techniques like cloaking suddenly don't seem so black hat when Google itself fully cooperates with some sites to allow it. The world of SEO just getting more gray, to me.

This has been happening more and more over the last 6mts i think. I can't pinpoint what's turning it, but i can feel it in what im reading, and the folks i'm talking too....


Coming together...

Not only are they coming together, they are having Gray Hat Babies!

Is the Age of Reason upon us?

Flatly defining an SEO tactic as white hat or black hat is usually an oversimplification. Maybe now more SEOs will start to see that it's often not the tactic itself, it's the application that makes it spam.

Search engines are not interested in policing the Internet. They just want good results for their users. Sometimes a website with good content has technical impediments that prevent search engines from being able to index it properly. If the SEO tactic that you're using helps search engines to understand a valuable but SE-unfriendly site, why would they care how you do it?


>>The world of SEO just getting more gray

Is Danny baiting DH? :D This ought to be good for a 20 page IHY rant, more entertainment than you can shake a stick at.

*grabs some popcorn*

0 or 1

You sites either rank, or they don't, and accordingly you earn a good wage, or you don't. I think more people are starting pull their heads out of the 'ethical' cloud and realising this. You can be as white as white, and as transparent as glass, but that won't help one bit when Google decide to change their algo :)

In addition, the increasing popularity of black hat forums, websites teaching blackhat, and even publicly available tools that allow virtually any no-brain idiot to experiment with blackhat all contribute to the number of people experimenting with it, and they have also contributed to a change in perception of blackhat because it is no longer a cloud of mystery but an open book.

If I had to put my finger on when the changes started coming about, I would say it was the button pushers thread in the WMW world supporters section about a year ago that got the ball rolling...

Yeah Danny's on the money,

Yeah Danny's on the money, that’s the definative moment that G dropped the ball. Nuff said


"button pushers thread"... never heard of it. I don't often frequent wmw, too much noise.

I think SEW and Danny had far more to do with folks looking at 'Blackhat' differently.


We should not forget the White Hat Wacko. The White Hat Wacko(dougie boy) and his small band of white hat wannabe wackos have done more to bring 'Blackhat' SEO to the main stream than anything any self proclaimed 'Blackhat' could have ever done. People could see for themselves that different SEO methods, cloaking for example, were not 'evil'...

If this gets rid of the

If this gets rid of the "hat" topic once and for all, I'll be glad for it.

PS..the only reason I opened this thread is because I misread the title and thought it said "Black meets white in GAY marriage shocker"

What's up with those hats anyway

... if people don't even wear clothes?

(just had to say that *lol*)

>>"Black meets white in GAY

>>"Black meets white in GAY marriage shocker"


That was the idea. Not to trick you, just the play on words..

Hazy Shade

Hey, its a hazy shade of winter :-) Grey must be the new black!

button pushers thread

My claim to fame atlast:) Thanks to Jake also.


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