Princess Leia Bikini Costume Gallery


If you've got a thing for Princess Leia in the metal slave bikini costume you, you just may want to visit Leia's metal bikini. Any other comments would be anti-climactic.


>>If you've got a thing for

>>If you've got a thing for Princess Leia

God, what boy in his thirties doesn't? Remember a Friends episode that talked about that. For most of us, it was our first "glimpse" at what would become an extremely interesting subject in a few years time :)

Ok, off to ogle...


Hmmm... I wonder if my wife...

Hey atleast its princess

Hey atleast its princess leia and not a tronguy gallery lol

oh dear God

someone add a warning so people don't click through while eating breakfast......

Don't fight it, babe

Just give in, you know you want to. Bollocks - what better place for them?

*ROFLMAO!* If you go to the

*ROFLMAO!* If you go to the tron guy's site, it shows before and after pictures of the design on his unitard.

I'm not sure why the bent arm with fist though..Gotta give the guy credit: he must be secure in his manhood to wear a costume like that.

Note to self: If I ever wear

Note to self: If I ever wear a unitard, WEAR a cup :)

Oh yuck...

This thread is totally mis-named - it's almost like a bate and switch... You think your getting a perty girl, but then....

Oh god, Im gonna have Tron nightmares now....

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