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Young Robert Scoble clearly thought better of a post that was pretty critical of Google when he pulled the damning piece from his blog recently. Fortunately for scandal lovers everywhere, Nathan has the scoop and i'll reprint it aswell. It's a fun little rant, and he should have kept it there. Also worthy of note is the wider acceptance of Daniel Brandt these days, (him of the Brandt Rant™ fame). Once perceived to be an "underpants on head" space jockey living in a basement with a reinforced tin-foil hat on at all times, as the perception of Google as Uber-Evil Corp spreads, Brandts reputation as a paranoid whako diminshes.

The pulled post:

Google employees push sites that only work with one browser

Ahh, let me get this right. Google is pushing a single-browser solution. And their employees are advocating putting code on your site that’ll turn off Internet Explorer.

I wonder what the reaction from the blogosphere would be if Microsoft tried such a strategy against Firefox?

At least now you know why I said Google would be nuts to do its own browser.

By the way, who has the most standards-based search engine? Hint: it’s not Google. Do a “view source” on MSN and Google and you’ll see the answer.

Oh, and who has a cookie that lasts until 2038? Ahh, yes, even Google knows the answer to this one!

You can learn that and lots of other things about Google on the Google Watch site.

Shame about the missed link opp Daniel, and poor show Robert - that was a cracking post, but hey, it's even more interesting now you've pulled it heh..


Watch your mouth, Nick...

...or I'll start a stub on you at Wikipedia and you'll end up with an article like this one:

Oh, that's right, I can't. They banned me because I tried to get that article on me deleted. So I started up where I can rant freely about Jimmy and his gang.

Free links for me all around today.

haha,,,, i've been seeing


i've been seeing this "daniel/wikipedia" headline around a lot the last couple weeks but have not read into it yet, i will do so shortly....


>Free links

someone is figuring out how the web really works :)

Not Google-endorsed, not even turning off IE

I looked at Jason's comments and have read his blog on and off for ages, and it seems exceedingly clear that:
1) He doesn't intend to speak for Google.
2) He specifically notes that he doesn't speak for Google.

More importantly, his post was, if anything, mildly tweaking IE, but more relevantly he was proposing a way for Webmasters using AdSense to better target the FF referral script (and make more money). Neither Jason or the site he linked to say anything about disabling IE. In fact, the site he linked to merely offered -- as one of three clear options -- instructions on how Webmasters can redirect visits of people using IE. This is hardly "turning off" IE. And given how much IE 6.0 sucks, I'm with Jason 100% :)

In fact, the recommendations are no different than much of what Webmasters bandied about re: recognizing and redirecting traffic from folks using the Google Toolbar or the Google Accelerator... all fair game. And hardly "turning off" the Google Toolbar or the Accelerator, eh? ;)

I like Scoble a lot, and I regularly read his blogs. But in this case, I fully understand why he removed the post. Though, as others have noted, it's ironically made it more popular... surprise surprise.

As for Brandt... um, I'm going to follow Mom Rule # 4 ("If you can't say anything nice...").

oh god, Google self

oh god, Google self appointed knight in shiney armour again...

it's just a bit of fun adam, dont' you take a day off from defending google at every turn ever?

Sure I do

I tweak Google on MY blog, but provide balance on your blog just to piss you off :P

And besides, y'all are never picking on Google for the stuff that deserves picking on...
- Lagging Google Groups and other community initiatives (particularly as compared to Y!)
- Slow and buggy integration.
- Inconsistent user interfaces.
- Lack of any audio search / music presence / etc.

Beyond that, I do feel very, very, very passionately about the intellectual property issues in Google Print / Google Library, so much so that my blood boils when I read criticisms about this stuff. But in that case, it's not about Google, it's about IP consumer rights... and I was just as concerned about the case, DVD decryption issues, and so on.

fair enough, for now....

fair enough, for now....


>>>>>>someone is figuring out how the web really works :)

and Cafepress delivered the T-Shirt yesterday.

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