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Good domain name to get high on Google
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These threads are usually both boring and somewhat amateur orientated when found on the forums but it doesn't mean the subject isn't worthy of discussion. This thread over at SEW takes a more advanced look at not just ranking factors in the choice of domain name but also:

  • Marketing offline
  • Branding
  • Brand protection
  • Type ins
  • Browser defaults

Great stuff from the boys and girls over at SEW Forums including this from bwelford:

Another reason for buying the com is that several browsers will serve up you the .com version if you type in only the domain name without the extension.

You know you've done it right when you "own" the name on the Internet. In other words, however someone tries to find the domain name without the extension, they end up at your website. Of course if you've chosen the name right, there will be no other websites in the SERP's for a search for your domain name. However that really is tough.


Answer to your question about top level country domains

Hello Nick,
I agree with you that you want to show up in the Google country search for your principal market. There are two paths to do so. I can confirm that .co.uk domains hosted outside the UK will show up in Google UK only searches. The same applies to .ca domains. Or you can host your .com, .net, .org domain in the country in which you want to show up for Google's in-country searches.

I.e. .com hosted in Canada

I.e. .ca hosted in US

Both show up in Google Pages from Canada results.
Example one
Example two

So you have your choice, either regional top-level domain (.ca or .co.uk) or host in the country where you want to be local. Do not recommend transatlantic hosting for primary market however, as it does slow down initial siteloading. A little more expensive perhaps to host locally but you are supporting local business and not supporting (in most cases, although alas not the UK) someone else's misguided war.

Yahoo is somewhat smarter about all this and usually does a good job of guessing to which market a website belongs from its content!

Cheers, Ronsard

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