Google to Index Magazines and Microfilm?


Perhaps. Gary Price blogs about Google's latest domain name registrations, noting that the following names have been registered over the past few days:


Price also points to a larger list of Google's domain names.

At this rate, Google may have to start inventing new forms of media soon...


Damn, are they going to start scanning periodicals now too?

I suppose their goal is to eventually have all print media available on their website, copyright or not?

It seems to me that Google's

It seems to me that Google's assumption should be "Opt In" vs "Opt Out". But the thing is, they have cached people's web pages for years with no legal action. Why wouldn't they believe they can do whatever they want?

- protective domain acquisition?

Couldn't this just be protective domain acquisition?

Like buying domains with typos or buying domains to prevent others from using them (like "" or ""). Methinks it's just Google Legal Dept. buying online real estate regardless of possible future uses or not (perhaps inspired by the trouble there's been around the "gmail" domain)

That way they might actually avoid some legal costs later, as ther would be one doamin squatter less to hunt down for each of these.

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